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IAU100 Algeria 2019 Constantine, Sirius Astronomy Association

100 Hours
of Astronomy 2019
A rich program of astronomy related activities for the general public
within the IAU100 celebrations

January 10-13, 2019

The Algerian Poster for the IAU-AOO
IAU100 Algeria 2019 Constantine, Sirius Astronomy Association
IAU100 Algeria 2019 Constantine, Sirius Astronomy Association

For more nation-wide events see: Here

Sirius Astronomy Association
Stormy 100 Hours:

Across the Age Structure
Glorious beginning for a glorious year!

Make it Special!
We wished to make the 100-Hours a special event in some ways amidst 35 events nationwide and some 70 Worldwide. How to beat the crowd, some being of well-oiled venerable institutions? We have to do things differently. We focalized on two aspects :
- Doing the events across the board: the "board" here was the spectrum of ages and social groups. We indeed held some 12 events (Four were canceled due to bad weather conditions).
- Reaching out to the whole Algerian population through wide TV coverage, and other media (Radio shows and in major daily newspapers).
Across the Age Pyramid  
Out of the 35 events held in Algeria, our Association organized 12 events (Four had to be canceled due to the snow storm in progress) took place in a single region (The Constantine area in Eastern Algeria)  at various institutions spanning the whole spectrum of people from kindergarten to Universities including Middle Schools, High Schools, and concluding with a large public event the whole of Saturday at the Malek Haddad Cultural Center in downtown Constantine.
So it was indeed a non-stop 100 Hours of activities from Thursday early morning till Sunday late afternoon with a late radio interview!

Media Storm
While a snow storm was battering a large part of Algeria and our region, we wished to counter it with a Media Storm of a special kind.
- Sirius had three TV shows devoted and 100-Hours events within the IAU-100 coverage : Two  on the public TV (ENTV) live viewed by some 3 Million people across the 48 governorates that counts our country, and one other on the largest private TV channel (Ennahar TV) in Algeria with 6 Million daily viewers, notwithstanding talk shows on various Radio channels, and full coverage in major newspapers (See below the listing).

All this in a Middle of a Snowstorm !

... and in the various Constantine neighborhoods:


Best Picture of the event & Poster of the Event

- The Eight 100 Hours Events organized by Sirius are listed Here

Best picture of the event
Live from Constantine: On the News on the Algerian National TV (ENTV)

Poster of the Event
Poster of the Event
Kindergarten Green Garden

A Huge Media Coverage
TV Coverage + Major Newspapers + Radio Shows
Not a mere media Buzz, but a Media Burst !

Live on ENTV National TV channel
Within a lengthy (20mn) live show on the IAU100 celebrations, a large segment devoted to 100 Hours in Algeria and a portion of it in the Constantine area (From 8mn08s till 12mn40s)
Both on the News of the 13th January Midday news covering the events on January 11 with an estimated audience of  some 4 Million viewers nationwide and on the 20th of January (Sabbahiyyate program, early morning program starting at 8:00am in the morning  (An estimated 3 Million viewers nationwide) recapitulating the whole 100 Hours activities as well as covering the IAU100 main featured programs (Einstein Schools, 50 years since the Apollo program…)

Live on Ennahar TV
On the Ennahar TV channel, one of the most watched TV channels in Algeria with more than 5 million daily viewers and even more for the News Reports:
- Lengthy 8mn live dealing with event with as a large subtitle (In Arabic during the whole show):
“100 hours Under One Sky: Algeria in the Heart of the Event”

Radio Shows
- The most notorious show was on National radio Channel-1 in Arabic with an announce in the cultural events segment on Thursday January 10, 9h05am, then again for a lengthy summing up interview (Two million listeners) on the 13th of January during the weekly show “Culture First” أولى ثقافة directed by Amel Bouafia.
- On the regional Constantine Regional Radio ( on Friday 11th of January (from 6:30pm to 7:30pm), a full show as part of the "Oasis of Science" regular weekly scientific program: Listeners are in the Constantine Governorate and the surrounding states (Estimated 170.000 listener).

- Then on the News “Radio Algérie International” on the 10th of January on their News segment.

Written Media
The Official “Algerie Press Service” (APS) Agency
which is the official Algerian Press Agency and who had a long press release on the 100 Hours of Astronomy which was distributed to national and international media outlets:
On the 12th of January, as part of our celebration of 100 Hours with planetarium shows at Malek Haddad Cultural Center

El-Watan: the newspaper with the largest circulation in Algeria:
See the whole page at once here

The Daily "L’Est Republicain":
Coverage taken from the APS Press Agency

Le Courrier d’Algérie
Une page Edition du Mercredi 16 Janvier 2019

The daily widely circulating Anasr newspaper (In Arabic)

List of the Eight Events Organized
by the Sirius Association During the 100 Hours:

Most of them are listed at:
spanning the full Four Days from 8:00 am Thursday morning (Programme at Mentouri University) to Sunday late afternoon

At the Hamou Bouchoul High School, Constantine

1- “One Hundred Hours of Astronomy at Mentouri Univ.”, Thursday, January 10,
Mentouri University: Physics Club & Sirius Association
This activity will take place at the Humanities Building. There will be an Exhibition provided by Sirius, open day activities, datashow presentations by Sirius members, and more. It should attract many students and Faculty members since it is at crossroad between various buildings, and thousands of students go through daily.
Coordinator: Echeima Amine-khodja, Sirius member
Post event report: The "100 Hours Corner"was visited by hundreds of students and Faculty members crossing the affluent hall and stopping by.

2- “Astronomy for Kids” : Constantine, Sunday,  January 10,
Organizer: Sirius Astronomy Association
Ahbab Erahman Kindergarten, El Khroub, W. of Constantine
Program geared at young kids to introduce them to the joy of the night sky
Coordinator: Zeyneb Aissani, Sirius member 

3- The Solar System: The Sun and its family, Thursday January 10,
Green Garden Kindergarten
Organizer: Sirius Astronomy Association
Explain to young kids the Solar System using a projection system with the Sun as one of the parents and the planet being the kids. Distribution of astronomical postcards as rewards for active participation.
Coordinator: Asma Mimouni, Sirius member

4- “Oasis of Science in the Service of 100 Hours” : Constantine, Friday,  January 11,
Constantine Regional Radio Station, Constantine
Organizer: Sirius Astronomy Association
Radio Show fully dedicated to the 100 Hours with the participation of kids.
Coordinator: Mourad Hamdouche, Sirius member

5- “Open Doors on Astronomy ", Constantine, Saturday, January 12,
Malek Haddad Cultural Center, Constantine
Organizer: Sirius Astronomy Association
A whole day event with multi-faced activities:
Lectures, astronomy exhibit, training session on how to present astronomy to a young audience, free planetarium sessions, hands on activities, film screening with debate.
Coordinator: Jamal Mimouni, Sirius member

6- “The Marvels of Astronomy”: Constantine, Sunday, January 13,
Ibn Rochd Middle School, El-Khroub, W. of Constantine
Organiser: Sirius Astronomy Association
A Lecture followed by a debate to Middle School and High School students about the many benefits of Astronomy to society.
Coordinator: Haffar Bakir, Sirius member

7- "The Cosmic Epic" & "For the Sake of Astronomy": Constantine, Sunday, January 13,
Hamou Bouchoul High School, Zouaghi, Constantine
Two lectures to six classes each followed by a lively debate in all given by J.Mimouni, head of the Gradute Studies in Astrophysics, Mentouri University
Coordinator: Foura Djerrar, Sirius member

8- “Astronomy for Kids”: Constantine, Sunday, January 13,
Scientist Club, El Bassair, El-Khroub, W of Constantine   
Organiser: Sirius Astronomy Association
Program geared at young kids to introduce them to the joy of the night sky
Coordinator: IHSSEN SALEM, Sirius member

Photorama of the 100-Hours Activities
Organized by Sirius at the Eight Locations

1-“One Hundred Hours of Astronomy at Mentouri Univ.”
Thursday, January 10, Mentouri Univ. Constantine
Sirius Association in coordination with the Physics Club

IAU100 Algeria 100 Hours
IAU100 Algeria 100 Hours
IAU100 Algeria 100 Hours

2- “Astronomy for Kids” 
Belle Vue, Constantine; Sunday, January 10

Dhouyouf Errahman Kindergarten

3- "The Solar System: The Sun and its family"
Constantine, Thursday January 10

Green Garden Kindergarten

4- “Oasis of Science in the Service of 100 Hours”
Constantine, Friday,  January 11
Constantine Regional Radio Station, Constantine

Also, two powerful TV shows were broadcasted about "100 Hours of Astronomy"with audience in the multi-millions of watchers (At left is EnnaharTV and at right the ENTV National TV).

5- “Open Doors on Astronomy "
Constantine, Saturday, January 12
Malek Haddad Cultural Center, Constantine

6- “The Marvels of Astronomy”
Constantine, Sunday, January 13

Ibn Rochd Middle School, El-Khroub

7- "The Cosmic Epic" & "For the Sake of Astronomy"
Zouaghi, Constantine, Sunday,
January 13
Hamou Bouchoul High School

8- “Astronomy for Kids” 
El-Khroub, Sunday, January 13

Scientist Club, El Bassair, Middle School,

A Full Page on 100-Hours of Astronomy Event
and UAI-100 Celebrations

In the daily El-Watan, the  largest circulation newspaper in Algeria: Two special articles covering a whole page on the Student's edition covering the 100 Hours event at Constantine University on the opening day of the 100-Hours. 

El Watan 100 Hours

Free Distribution of Astronomical material Throughout the Country
Various astronomical posters, folders, flyers were printed in large numbers and dispatched to various parts of Algeria...


Open Astronomy Schools Project
A training program to teachers and youth centers animators

November 16 & 17, 2019

Malek Haddad Cultural Center, Constantine, Algeria