Announce of the Results
- Announce of the Results & Prize Distribution 2009

Close to 500 students from the 45 High Schools of the Constantine Wilaya participated in the Competition.

Here Dr.Chibane, the Mayor of Constantine opening the Ceremony.

Prof.Boukhalkhal, the Rector of the Emir AbdelKader University where the event was held, welcoming the participants.

Mr Mezaouda, Vice President of the APW giving a short address

Followed by Mr.A.Boussem, former Director of the National Education Dept. of the Constantine Wilaya, and actual Director of the War Veterans Organisation.


The whole event was broadcasted live on Internet through, thanks to Ismail . Here doing some pretrials.

The audience comprised students and their parents, teachers, and
guests, coming from all over the Constantine governorate and beyond.

Representing the Director of the Algerian Spatial Agency was Prof. M.Benslama, coordinator of the "Ecole Doctorale des Sciences Spatiales" of Constantine.

Dr.T.Zarza, Director of the Undergraduate Dept of Science and Technology at Constantine University, addressing the public.

Prof.N.Mebarki, a well known theoretical physicist and Director of the Laboratory of Mathematical Physics and Particle Physics (LPMPS) at Constantine University.

Mr.Abdelhafidh Lamara, a physics inspector with the National Education Board, giving some advises to the students.

Corrections of the various questions of the competition were given in detail with some elaborations on the broader scientific perspective and their historical context..

The "Anouar" chorale performing, to the delight of the public...

One of the best moment of the evening was certainly the theatrical play performed with brio by some Sirius members under the direction of Bilal from the Constantine regional Theater . The script was written by Affaf and Wafa Bendali-Amor. The play appropriately talked about the China eclipse: "A trip to China", an artful balance between entertaining and educating.

Here Affaf directing the music throughout the play, while Wafa was "advising" behind the curtain.

The King's advisors: Sami, Nasser and Youcef

The Moghul soldier (Zakariah) and the Emperor servant (Fares).
More characters: Kheireddine, Yakoub, Abdeljalil, Youcef and Sami


And finally, announcing the results

Everyone holding his breath

Starting with the honor category. Here Prof.Mebarki handing out the prize and the diploma to one of the winners.

Mr Mezaouda from the APW with another winner in the honor category.

Kamel, the Sirius Vice President announcing the top three laureates for the "Eclipse trip" prize.

Chamseddine Ouaari, the top one in the second year High School category

Abderaouf Ramram, the top one in the second year High School category
Manel Bouldjedri , the top one in the first year High School category

Sirius, you did it again !


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