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The Djerba Astrophotography Camp
12-15 July 2012
Djerba, Tunisia
Organized by Djerba Jeunes-Sciences in coordination with Sirius

(Picture Djerba-Jeunes -Science)

-Astrophoto Workshop
- The Star Night 2012
- Venus Occultation sighting


- The Pictures (See below)

- Some Documents on Astrophotography

Younes Boudiaf's presentation: Intro to photography
Site d'images
TheAstronomy Picture of the Day ( Apod) site and its Arabic mirror Apodar
Site d'images
The World at Night (TWAN) site

The Astrophotography Workshop
Aghir, Djerba, 12-15 July 2012
(Pictures by Younes Boudiaf, Yasser Mimouni, J.M.)

The workshop took place at Aghir camp, Djerba

All the way to Djerba. Here crossing the straight by ferry. Younes and Aziza taking free shots. See here what's below!

Reaching Ajim at Djerba before sunset.

A group picture of the participants.Click on the picture for a higher resolution picture.
(Participants can request a full resolution picture from Sirius)

Babak Tafreshi, the TWAN director, was the main instructor.

Here Babak lecturing while Younes at right is translating.

Younes Boudiaf gave an introductory talk on photography in general. Here his slideshow.

Ibrahim Mohamed talked about artistic photography and various techniques.

Aziza Kharouaa from Sirius adressing the participants. A vivid and insightful lecture on how to make astrophotography even from the kitchen's window. It made a strong impression on the audience.

Another view of the participants, mostly the Zarzis amateurs. At left Lassaad Akrout from Jeunes Sciences. Standing up taking picture, Adel Hassine, president of the J-S Djerba.

Some advanced extra sessions with B.Tafreshi.
The Post-Workshop Activities

The trip to the islands of sand

Visit at the crocodile park. In the foreground at left is Najat Denak from the Physics Depart. at Sfax University.

Leaving the harbour to the islands.

Actually a whole armada left the harbor almost at the same time

Nasser, Zakaria, Yasser, Aziza, and Younes from Sirius..

Reaching ground

Modern-day pirates

Younes and Abdelkarim ridding camels.

Elnajid Abdulkader from Benghazi University was one of the assiduous participants to the Workshop.

Here deploying his kite. Can you see him? Just click on the picture

A talk at the Djerba Masjid on the crescent sighting by the Sirius president as Ramadhan was closing in. See the Poster here.

"La Nuit des Etoiles 2012" at Houmt Souk, organized by Jeunes-Science (J-S)..The lecturers were N.Guessoum, J.Mimouni and Ibrahim Mohamed. Moderating in the middle of the panel is J-S president Adel Hassine.

A very diverse and attentive audience.
The group of Tunisian amateurs from Jarjis in Tunisia brought a particular ambiance to the Workshop.

They were some fifteen from all ages, smart and friendly.
Venus Occultation sighting: Check Here
Race against time to Guellala
Crossing Djerba North to South in the hope of catching the sunset at Guellala and visiting the Ghriba synagogue in mid-course. Well, we got mixed results

We were looking for this...

... and we got this: closed doors! We indeed failed to reach the Ghriba synagogue during working hours.

Here in front of the Ghriba from left to tight, Lassaad Akrout, general secretary of Djerba Jeunes-Science, prof.Nidhal Guessoum special guest of the "Nuit des Etoiles 2012", Mourad Hamdouche VP of Sirius and the initiator of the Workshop, and Khereddine Dehar, president of the el-Battani Association in Oran.

We finally reached Guellala just before sunset. Actually some clouds on the horizon made the Sun set a bit earlier. At right is the Guellala Museum.

Few instants later and it was gone.

Moussa Aissa from Guerara in Algeria catching the evanescent lights of an already set Sun.
"Rien ne sert de courir il faut partir à temps!

The team who (almost) made it.

From the Southern tip of the island

Taking breakfast before departure at Houmt Souk: The Algerian team (Missing from the picture N;Guessoum, and the photographer).

On our way back, somewhere past Oum El-Bouaghi, some one hour away from Constantine.