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The GTTP and Global-HOU meetings
at Ifrane, Morocco 8-12 July 2012
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Former les Formateurs

A set of meetings masterly organized by the Al Akhawayn University, spearheaded by the Astronomy Club Astronomy there

Sirius was much present at this important strategic meeting. Two general public conferences were delivered by the Sirius president on various aspects of astronomy, in addition to a specific talk at the Gobal-Hou meeting.

The Pictures
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The Global-HOU meeting
Gobal-HOU meeting
The Gobal-HOU meeting ongoing.
Akhawayn university
El Akhawyan University, a splendid environment and its very graceful Swiss like building with an imposing Mosque in the middle of the campus.
Algiers from a plane
On our way to Ifrane. Here an unusual view of the Bay of Algiers
Oran picture
Oran's harbor
Algeria from the air
Mers El-Kebir naval facility, next to Oran

At last, the Moroccan countryside
Ifrane Global HOU meeting
A group picture of the participants.
The GTTP meeting

J.M. discussing with Hassan Talibi, a well known veteran amateur

Hatem Madani, an industrial in the service of science

At left Khaled Boudei and at right Nassim

Here the Sirius president next to Nassim Seghouani from the CRAAG, and Moumen Lekdim from Babor. There were, in addition to K.Boudei, the only Algerians present at the Ifrane meetings.
Festival d'Astronomie d'Ifrane
Astro Training Camp - Exhibit...

Hassan Darhmaoui from Al Akhawayn University: the guy behind the whole show.

The Sirius president between Hamid Touma president of the RAAM at his right, and Hatem Madani head of the Aldebaran network project at his left,

The exposition

Public sighting night in downtown Ifrane
Ifrane Sirius
Prize distribution for the participants of the Astro Camp
The Trip to Fez

The city's main door

Here with Nassim Seghouani , head of the Astronomy department at the CRAAG at Algiers in frot of the several centuries olld fountain.

Visiting the historical Al Quaraouiyine Mosque.