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The El-Kantara Winter
Astronomical Training Session

December 29, 2010- January 1, 2011

Joining the Useful with the Enjoyable
A rich program: Click to view it
A previous trip to the Sahara by Sirius: Ghardaia December 2004

A joyful and animated trip
Reaching the El Kantara pass. One more picture here

The Youth Hostel we took as residence

Crossing the El-Kantara gorge walking

During one of the training sessions

Getting ready for the January 4, 2011 partial solar eclipse

Outreaching to the El-Kantara Inhabitants

Announcements were made at various Mosques in the area after the Jumaa prayer for a lecture followed by night sky sighting open to all.

Getting dressed for a long observing night. Tens of El Kantara people joined us for the observation

The Orion constellation standing high above
(Picture by Aziza Kharouaa)
Early morning activities and more Sightseeing...

Early morning exercising

Can you understand anyhing about this picture ?

Down the river. The crossing was somewhat tricky and left quite few soaked socks among the group...

The World famous El Kantara gorge

Rewarding Zoheir, our companion and guide.
Sightseeing around

Visiting the "village rouge"

Grinding it the old way...

Near a mausoleum of a local Sufi sheikh (Marabout)

In the middle of the Oasis