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The Pleasure of Astronomy

A rich program of lectures, expo, movies, observation...
See the pictures below

Prof.Guessoum's Lecture
: Click here

Bringing the Intl.Year
of Astronomy 09

to the Campus!

23-25 June, 2009,
Constantine, Algeria

With the participation
of Dr.Nidhal Guessoum
from the American University
in Sharjah

Mentouri University: 23-24 June 2009
Emir Abdelkader University : 25 June 2009

In addition to the lectures :

- Observation of the Sun from the Mentouri University plazza with the PST, solarscope...
- Astronomical exposition next to the Auditorium


Symposium program

Pictures of the Astronomy Days
Mentouri University

Bringing Astronomy to the Campus !
That was the motto of this multifaceted activity.

Here is the main auditorium where the lectures took place.

Prof. Guessoum from the American University in Sharjah was the star lecturer with a talk on Extraterrestrial life and its potential discovery. A dynamical lecturer indeed: check here!

Setting up the astronomical display in the early morning.
The display was set in the shadow of the large Auditorium where the lectures were taking place, well protected from the midday scorching Sun.

A program of observation was carried out in the spirit of the International Year of Astronomy. Here the PST in use to show the Sun's surface.
Various documents were on display, both for free distribution and for sale.

Here the national TV team getting ready for an interview for the evening news. In fact, our event was well covered and many reporters were there.We may mention among them, the Algerie Press Service (APS), Cirta-FM radio station, Le Quotidien d'Oran, el-Khabar, Le Mirroir de Constantine, Enasr,...

We honored Dr.S.Rouabah from Mentouri Univrsity for his support to the Association and his gift of an astronomical instrument.

We didn't forget our faithfull member, Chamseddine MOUATSI, who has just completed his graduate studies at Lyon University, for his great input throughout the years. Here we see with the logo of Sirius that he designed years ago as well as the IYA-09 poster and many other Sirius products.

Roaming among the panels in display.
At the Emir AbdelKader University
Tackling the I'jaz al-Ilmi theory on scientific ground

Prof Boukhalkhal, the President of the Emir Abdelkader University (In the middle) introducing the subject to the audiience while J.M. from Sirius presented the lecturer.

Prof.Guessoum receiving the Sirius honorary membership from the President of the Emir Abdelkader University, Prof.Boukhalkhal.

Sirius members taking a picture with Prof.Guessoum at the EAK University

Kudos for the Sirius team: Another well done program !
Displaying posters of the next program "The Third Arab meeting on Astronomy" of the Summer at the end of Prof.Guessoum lecture at Mentouri University.