Diplomas & Prizes Distribution

The al-Battani Astronomy Association:
Best Stand Laureate

The Battani Astronomy Association received the trophy of the best stand as well as a substantial prize in cash. Here one member received the award from the hands of Mr.Zettili, Director of Culture of the Constantine Province.

Participation Diploma

The other Associations got distinction for the quality of their exhibit and their proximity work with the public. Here Hamdi from the Qutb Astronomy Association from El-Oued.

ASAL Honored

The Algerian Space Agency received a participation award. Here Dr.Kahlouche receiving the award on its behalf.




The participation distinction awards were finely handcrafted by a famous Constantine artist.

CNTS Honored

The National Center of Space Technology (CNTS) too received a participation award. Here Mr.Laidi to whom it was handed.


Honoring the CRAAG

The smiling face of Dr.Seghouani receiving the participation award on behalf of the CRAAG.

Honoring the Constantine Directorate of Culture


The Director of Culture of the Constantine Province receiving the award from Mustapha Derradji, the president of the Sirius Association, for his outstanding support of the Salon.

Rewarding the Kids

The youngsters also got various prizes. More than 60 prizes were distributed to them during the three days Salon, ranging from some valuable ones to more modest ones. Here some kids holding the Arabic version "The Petit Prince" of the well known French writer from St Exupery.


Sirius Astronomy Association