The Media Coverage of the Salon

Below is a sampling of some of the leading newspapers which covered the WSW celebration.
In fact, all the newspapers covered it in in various extents, we mention in addition to those mentioned below:
el-Youm, el-Chourouq, el-Ahdath, Le Quotidien d'Oran, Akher el-Saa...
It is perhaps the first time an astronomical event get such a nation wide attention in Algeria.
In addition, the local radio Cirta-FM, made a full coverage
during the three days of the Salon, and the event went on national TV news.

Basically all the national and local media covered the Constantine WSW celebrations

El-Khabar (19 October 2003)
The Arabic newspaper with the largest circulation in Algeria

This was the leading article. In addition several notices were run prior and after the Salon.

El-Watan (October 2, 2002)
One of the most widely read French newspaper

It wrote several articles , two extensive ones , the one above on October 2, and another one on October 8. A shorter article was also written on October 11.

El Acil had a lead article starting
in the first page the day of the inauguration

The remaining part on page3

Another article was written on the closing day

Al-Nasr 8 October 2003
It wrote several articles, the leading one being the one in the opening day.

La Nouvelle République
10 October 2003


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