The Exhibition

El-Khalifa Cultural Center

The Salon was held in downtown Constantine at the imposing El-Khalifa Cultural Center
Setting Up the Exhibition

Mahmoud, Sofiane, and Walid
The Main Exhibition Hall

The Salon opened to the public in late morning of October the 7th, 2003
Enlightening Moments

Getting the hard facts about Alsat1

The Sirius Reception Desk

Smiling, helping presence: Sarah and Naouara

Checking by Oneself...

The exhibition aisle of Sirius, the organizing party, was well equipped and comprehensive
Rocket Models

The large models of historical rockets were a prominent feature of the exhibit


Another Aisle of the Sirius Exhibit


Hot debate

Notice in the foreground a model of the Starshine 2 School satellite for which our association participated in the mirror polishing.

An Uninterrupted Flow of Visitors

See you at the 2005 Salon Inshaallah!