Pictures of the WSW4 Activities
(Check the program for the details)

Due to the many activities, which took place during the Salon, we prefer for the reader's benefit to post the pictures right away with a minimal description, leaving the details for the full report to be issued soon.

The Salon by all standards was a vast success. Thousands of people of all walks of life attended it during the three days.

The various associations were all busy explaining astronomy to a passionate public as well as presenting to them their realizations.

Lectures on various topics related to space sciences and astronomy were held at various places in the city. At left at El-Khalifa Cultural Center, at right at Mentouri University (Mr.Safa from INCT lecturing).

Dr.Bilani from Aleppo University, a master astrolabe maker brought with him a finely handicrafted one which was on display during the Salon. It is considered the only contemporary crafted one in the world of its kind.

Dr.H.Bilani holding his astrolabe, with at his left Mustapha Derradji the Sirius's President , and at his right Chamseddine Mouatsi our in-house all purpose designer.

Mr. Mr.M.Zettili, the sympathetic Director of Culture of the Constantine Wilaya was responsible in a non-small measure in the Salon's success.

Mr.Chemaa, a lecturer from INCT, handling a participation award to a member of the Al-Boudzjani Association during the closing ceremony.

The reception at the Sirius desk was always impeccable

Kids' Way

Aymen and Khaled during their theater show

The main hall was packed with youngsters and their parents.

Written competitions for kids with appreciable gifts were organized on Thursday. As usual the "Ten Pictures - Ten Questions" competition went on with great success.

Poetry reading by Rayyane

Hands on


At El-Houria High School and CCI

A program of lectures took place at El -Houria High School in Center City open to all the high School students. Dr.Bilani from Aleppo Univ. (at center of left picture), and Prof. A.Bouldjedri (At right) from Batna University.

An attentive audience

Between Prof.Bouldjedri and Dr.Bilani, stands the El-Houria School Director.

Another series of lectures took place at the Islamic Cultural Center. We see at the left Dr.Seghouani from the CRAAG, lecturing on the Moon crescent problematic. Dr.Seghouani has been a regular lecturer at the Astronomy Salons since their inception. His wide knowledge and straightforwardness made him a much appreciated lecturer by the public. At right is Dr.Bilani talking on Islamic Astronomy.

Dr. Bilani was the obbject of much attention. His wide scholarship and kind manners opened the hearts of everybody. He was also solicited for quite few interviews by the written press and the radio.

The Participants

The Celestial Dome Association for Astronomical Sciences from El Oued in the
Sahara heartland was present as usual, with dazzling pictures and posters and quite few realizations.

The INCT/ASAL from Arzew and
Algiers were present with large display panels explaining the various activities at the Centers depending on the Algerian Spatial Agency. They readily engaged with prospective students about furthering their studies at the Arzew institute.

Cirta Philatelie, the philately club was as usual present with their stamp display on the space conquest.

The CRAAG antenna of Ain-Smara put up a remarkable display along with a working seismograph, which was on duty during the three days exhibit, recording any tremor...

The CRAAG's stand, away from peak hour.

The The city of Chelghoum el-Aid was represented by the president of the Astronomy club there.

Participation from El-Eulma Club in middle part of

L'Office National de la Meteo (ONM). was dynamically staffed . On display were both an automated weather station as well as a traditional one, among other panels and instruments.

The stand of INCT (National Center of Cartography and Remote Sensing) from

The Boudzjani Astronomy Association from the city of Medea.


World Space Week and the AUASS Convention at
Tripoli in Libya


Sirius Astronomy Association participated to the Sixth AUASS Convention at Tripoli. This gathering was part of the World Space Week celebrations 2004, and the UNESCO representative at Tripoli gave an introducing talk at the opening session.

The Libyan National Center of Remote Sensing kindly hosted the meeting. At left the Tripoli suburb just before landing, where cultivated fields intermingle with dwellings. At right a view of center city from the Wahat Hotel.

Many talks were delivered during the three days meeting

A Picture of the various delegates and participants posing for the record.

The Sirius representative here posing with Eng.Hadi Gashut head of the LCRSS

The various activities of Sirius, and in particular the Popular Astronomy Salon posters were displayed in the main hall.