The Sixth National Fair in Popular Astronomy

The Governor's Visit
(Pictures taken by Mustapha Mouatsi and Yasser Mimouni)


The Wali insisted for visiting all the stands.

The Wali discussing with the CRAAG delegation. Ar right Dr.Nassim Seghouani, head of the Astronomy depart. at CRAAG and in the middle head of the CRAAG station at Ain-Smara near Constantine.

Here we see him engaging a discussion with the Boni club members from Annaba

He stopped at lenght at the CTS stand from Arzew

Here at the Jordanian Astronomical Association stand with Sanna Abdo at the reception.

The Wali shaking hands with Philppe Morel, President of the SAF and head of the French delegation. 


Here Nihad Boulahia explaining to the Wali the interacting skymap that she realized along with her sister, a quite electronic project using a parabola antennas tye projection surface. We see it partially in the background.

The Salon saw also the launch of a Scientific competition The Wali is seen here briefed on the project which is held under his patronnage and which involve the best students of the 45 High Schools of the Wilaya. The laureates will win a travel at the ESTEC Center of ESA. See the poster here and the site of the competition.

The Wali with Prof.Oussedik, the head of the Agence Spatiale Algérienne (ASAL)

The Wali chatting with Prof.H.Naimiy, president of the AUASS and dean of the Faculty of Science at Sharjah University

Meeting with Mike Simmons, the AWB president from California

Dr. Nassim Seghouani at the CRAAG's stand

He is seen here with the Kashfi Astronomical Association from Blida

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