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Journées d'Astronomie
de Djerba

Diaporama of
The AUASS Conference at Djerba
Vinci Resort, 20-23 March 2007

The Program
The Sirius Caravan - More Here

The Sirius team departing from the Malek Haddad Cultural Palace - Constantine for a new adventure across the land...

At last reaching Djerba. More Here

The AUASS Conference at Djerba
Program: Part 1 & Part 2

General view of the lecture hall at the Vinci Resort

Some of the participants: in grey suit at the bottom is Fouad Anane the President of Jeunes Sciences - Djerba and the organizer of the Conference. Above him at the last row and in grey suit too is Dr.H.Naimiy, President of the AUASS.

Dr. Naimiy, the AUASS president making a point.

Some of the well known figures of the AUASS

George Whitesides from the NSA talking about space sciences.

The president of Sirius discoursing on Dark Matter and gravitational lensing.

Mohamed Alassiry from the Syrian Society of Amateur Astronomers (SAAA) giving his talk.

Part of the audience

Sirius members following the lectures with assiduity.

Here our young people with Alvaro Gimenez, the ESA vice president.

Another picture of some of the participants

The Sirius astronomy exhibition in the back of the conference room was a big attraction.

At the desk Oussama, Nour el- Houda and Asma.

Taqi from the Astronoimy Club of El_Khroub at the stand

The Sirius group with some of the other participants in front of the conference hall.