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The "One Hundred Hours"
of Celestial Sighting

2-5 April, 2009,
Constantine, Algeria

The Radio Broadcasting
on the 100 Hours

Constantine-Radio FM 108.3

Some extracts:
Part 1: On April 2 (mp3, 7.8Mb)
Part 2: On May 7 (mp3, 8.7Mb)

We thought that intense media action could be carried out locally to advertise for our “100 Hours of Astronomy” program we planned to have in a form of a large gathering at a Constantine. Thanks to an excellent working relationship with the Radio Constantine-FM management (Formally known as the Cirta- FM radio) throughout the years as our Association produces on a volunteer basis a weekly scientific radio segment every Thursday for more than a decade, we were able to enlist them as partner in our action. They agreed to broadcast free spots for the whole week prior to April 2, informing the public of the activities, namely a cycle of conferences related to the night sky sighting and to the 100 hours celebration. Furthermore two round tables on the event were aired live from the radio studio within the radio program “Nadi al-Maarifa” of the Constantine Radio-FM, one on March 26, which is on the Thursday prior to the event, and the other one on Thursday April 2.

In addition, we were interviewed twice in relation giving the specifics of the event, one on Monday 30 March which was aired as part of the midday news bulletin, and another one for the news of Friday 3 April for the midday news. Two other descriptions on the national “Channel 3” radio station which emit throughout Algeria, one on April 7th and the other one on April 13, summing up the “100 Hours” series of activities. We believe that the large public which showed up that day at the Plaza of the Emir Abdel Kader Mosque was in large part due to this week long radio broadcasting in the Constantine city and its vicinity.

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