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National Science Day
Our Guest: Prof.A.Djebbar

Lectures on the History of Arabo-Islamic Science
Sirius invited for the April 16 National Science Day, Prof.A.Djebbar from Lille Univ., the well known historian of science and former Minister of Higher Education. He gave two public lectures, one at the Malek Haddad Palais de la Culture for the general public, and the other one in coordination with the Mentouri Univ.'s Faculty of Exact Sciences at the main auditorium of Mentouri University.

Lecturing on the History of Astronomy in Islam at the Malek Haddad Palais de la Culture at Constantine.

Checking the products of the Sirius association

Chatting with the kids after his lecture

A "family" picture with some members of Sirius
His next stop was at Mentouri University

Lecturing on the Islamic Sciences historical legacy to the University community.

The auditorium was packed with avid students


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