About the Eclipse

Live from the Sun
Look at the Sun's picture right now as taken from the
SOHO satellite. Check the sun spots!


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Articles in Arabic :

 Generalities about the Eclipses - in Arabic: Chamseddine Mouatsi عموميات حول الكسوفات
 Diagrams in Arabic on the Geometry of the Eclipses  مخططات توضيحية حول الكسوفات
The Dangers of the Naked Eye Sighting of a Solar Eclipse: Affaf Bendali_Hocine مخاطر الرصد المباشر لكسوف الشمس
Looking Back at the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse: Khadidja Allouache كسوف 11 أوت 1999

Here Various documents about the eclipse
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