More Pictures of the October 3, 2005 Eclipse
From the Seffouri Stadium, Batna, Algeria
(Longitude: 6.18105E, Latitude: 35.55893N, Altitude: 1048m)

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Pictures taken by Chamseddine MOUATSI - Sirius Astronomy Association

A happy crowd invaded the stadium early on

A small number of eclipse glasses was distributed to the people

The Relizane delegation standing with a well known personage, the daughter of the Shaheed BenBoulaid, a hero of the Algerian revolution

Various optical devices and cameras were set up. Here the people from the astronomy club from El-Eulma

On late morning the stadium was filled with many hundreds of onlookers

Chams watching ...the Sun

Iyad Mustapha Ahmed the representative of the Jordanian Astronomical Association

Even the very young enjoyed the spectacle

Here Suha who with her family from Setif to watch the cosmic show.

Various techniques were used. Here the projection through the lenses of a refractor

Here the guys from Annaba with their 10-inches Celestron with a solar filter in front of it.

The Solarscope was easy to set up

It is handy for collective viewing

The projection method

Here when the Sun was 80% eclipsed

Direct viewing from telescope equipped with filter

The direct projection on screen under the tents set up by the APC and feed from a CCD camera was the most convenient way of sighting.

Many people enjoyed the spectacle in the shady place

The mostly obscure setting allowed to see nicely the various stages of the eclipse

Panels on the phenomenon were set up at various places

...and explanations provided

The National TV was there from early morning, and due to the good weather conditions in Batna compared to other regions in the annular band, it covered on line the event during the whole morning.

Interviews were conducted with many participants at the stadium both from the Associations and the public.

If it was not for the the Sirius's eclipse observation campaign conducted from Batna in cooperation with the City Council (APC), Algerians nationwide would have been deprived of the eclipse show!

The Reception of the delegations at the City Hall given by the Mayor of Batna.

With the Mayor

Portrait of the various participants and the Mayor (In black suit in the second raw) in front of the City Hall.
Timgad, à 37 Km de Batna, sur le versant septentrional des Aurès à 1 072 mètres d'altitude, est l'ancienne Thamagudi,.
The momentous observation campaign was followed on the same day by a visit to the ancient Roman city Timgad...
Développé sous Trajan à partir de l'année 100 de notre ère. Elle se situe sur une voie romaine reliant Lambèse à Mascula et à Theveste.
... and its monumental ruins.

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