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The Ahmed Saadi Youth Center where the weekly association meetings are held
The "Nadi el-Maarifa", a weekly radio show on Constantine Radio
produced by our Association
Radio program astronomy
...now in its tenth year of activity!
- Follow the program on line every Thursday 16:30-17:00 GMT
Morocco, Ifrane Sirius Our Participation to the GTTP and Global-HOU meetings, Ifrane, Morocco. 8-12 July 2012
Two high powered international meetings in addition to a Popular astronomy festival alongside an astronomy camp! That's the feast our Moroccan colleagues from the Astronomy club at Ifrane Univ. under the able leadership of Prof.Darhmaoui were able to accomplish during these fulfilling days. More here.
Our Participation to the Global Astronomy Month: April 2012 from Sétif
This worldwide event bringing enthusiasts together to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders motto "One People, One Sky". Sirius animated wth the APIMC Association a succesfull multifaceted event which brought smiles and new expertise to young kids with disabilities. More here
The 5 -6 June Venus Transit from Constantine:
Observing the last moments of the transit from "La Nouvelle Ville de Massinissa" near Constantine.

We were perhaps the last spot on the planet where a significant gathering of people caught sight of the late stage of the phenomenon. A mere 40mn sighting window : 20mn before the interior egress and the full egress phase...More.

The Grand Cirta-Science IV Competition:
Malek Haddad Cultural Palace: The Results are out
For the fourth time now, Sirius organized a competition among the 500 brightest students of the Constantine governorate High Schools. The prize for the first three laureates is this time a scientific & cultural trip to the Canaries Islands They will visit the mamouth Gran Telescopio Canarias, the largest telescope actually in the World...
More here.

Algerian University Mila Science Day at Mila University Center on April 11, 2012
Invited by
the Vice Rectorat of Cultural Activities there, Sirius organised a special Science Day centered on lecture and a scientific competition. This took place to celebrate Science Day and it was attended by a good assistance of students from the various departments.
... More here
Oman Astronomy Sirius Sirius at the Arab Astronomy Conference: Muscat, Oman: 5-8 Feb
A five members strong Sirius delegation went to Oman to participate to 10th AUASS Conference and to represent the best of the Algerian amateur astronomy activities. There, in addition to giving 5 talks, Sirius sets up the largest Astronomy exhibition of the Conferences spanning 4 stands, a feast in itself.
... More here.
An Astronomical Retreat for the New Year 2012
Sirius organised its yearly end of the year retreat at the Scout Camp "10km" near Ain Smara. Conceived as both a training program, an inhouse, planning, and a great time to enjoy the purity of Winter skies, it drawed 40 + Sirusians for a rich new year cross-over activities... More soon.
The Tenth National Festival in Popular Astronomy: Constantine, 29 0ct - 1 Nov, 2011
This year is the tenth edition of these epoch making popular meetings which brings together amateur and professional astronomers from all over the region. This year's theme chosen by "World Space Week" is : "50 Years of Space Flights", commemorating Gagarine's pathfinding mission..... More
Ramadhan and Eid 2011/1432h
Press Release from Sirius
The conjunction for the new Moon of Ramadhan will be on July 30 at 17:40 UT. The 29th of Shaabane in Algeria has been announced to be on the 31st of July. Yet, despite this relatively large age of the Moon at sunset, the low position of the crescent above the horizon in addition to its short stay, won't allow its sighting in Algeria but only from Southern Africa and South America... Read More
The June 15, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse
Perhaps the darkest lunar eclipse in close to 100 years.This eclipsing Moon which will be seen right after the sunset in Algeria and it will have a record breaking 1h41mn of totality. A treat to the eyes that no one should miss. A rich program of activities has been drawn up by Sirius so as to be at the level of this exceptional phenomena. ...Read more
Observing Nights at Annaba
19-20 & 24 May 2011at the Technical Higher Institute.
Three members of Sirius were there to animate nights observing sessions at various Uniiversity residences.
The January 4, 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse
A beautiful astronomical event will grace this first week of the new year 2011. The Sun will be partially eclipsed in the early morning this Tuesday January 4. The eclipsing will be the more extensive in the North of Algeria were the obscuration will reach 50%. ...Read more
An Astronomical Retreat for the New Year at the "Gates of the Desert"
Sirius organised a 2 days retreat at El Kantara, at the extreme southern tip of the Batna Governorat, a most majestuous place with a sublime winter sky. 45 members of Sirius, including the whole "Smarties" section, participated to this training and touristic trip, also meant to be a preparation for the January 4, eclipse.Notwithstanding a healthy dose of outreaching to El Kantara inhabitants... ...Read more
The Magic Dome: Winter holidays for Constantine's youth
In coordination with the Office of Youth Activities (ODEJ) of the Constantine Governorate, Sirius organised an Open Doors activity season at the Boussouf Cultural & Sport complex. Thousands of youth, in groups and families, visited the exhibit whose focal point was the inflatable astronomical dome coming from Centre Science - Orléan in France.... ...More here
Seminar on the Hegiric Calendar
Biskra, capital of the Zibans: December 7, 1st of Muharam 1432h
A day long seminar on the Hegiric Calendar and the Lunar Ephemerids was organised by the "Cultural Lights Association" from Biskra in coordination with our Association and under the patronage of the Governor of this Wilaya of the South of Algeria. Four members of our Association including Prof.Bouldjedri from Batna Univ. delivered the talks that day ...More here
The Ninth National Festival in Popular Astronomy: Constantine 29 0ct - 1 Nov, 2010
A new edition of this popular yearly Astronomy meeting. This year's theme is "The Realm of the Milky Way". This event is held as part of the World Space Week 2010 celebrations.... More
Ramadhan 2010/1431h
Press Release from Sirius
The new Moon of Ramadhan will be born (conjunction) on August 10 at 4:08 Algerian local time. Yet at sunset, the very short stay of the Moon above the horizon won't allow its sighting in Algeria and anywhere in the World save possibly from South America... Read More
Return of the Sirius Team from Aleppo, Syria (01-09 Aug 2010):
The Algerian delegation to the 4th Arab Youth Meeting in Aleppo made up of Sirius members returned from a long periple having participated to two Astronomy conferences (both inAleppo and Hama) and to the Perseid metorites campaign from Damascus ... More
Return of the Sirius Scientific Caravan from Cape Town (22-30 July 2010):
The caravan made up of the laureates of "Cirta Science-3" scientific contest returned from South Africa after having visited the giant telescope SALT in Sutherland in Northern Cape, as well as various scientific, historical, and cultural places... More
IPS 2010 at Alexandria
Sirius was represented at the Intl Planetarium Society biennal meeting at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The latest trend in planetaria, its conception and production, and the show production... More here
Science Day 2010 on Campus:
special multifacet day of activities held as part of the celebrations of the Global Astronomy Month 2010. It will consist of lectures, solar sighting, exhibition and a unique scientific competition. This take place after the Sirius National Scientific Research Week participation
and a
Contest science
The Grand Cirta-Science III Competition:
The Results on April 19, UEAK University
For the third year in a row, Sirius is organizing a competition among the 500 brightest students of the Constantine governorate High Schools. The prize for the first three laureates will be a scientific & cultural visit to the SALT telescope near Cape Town, the largest telescope in the Southern hemisphere...More
Global Earth Sighting Campaign
A worldwide campaign to observe and record the magnitude of celestial objects according to the degree of pollution . Sirius involved its members on what is light pollution and how to fight back ..More
sirius harvest iya 2009 astronomy

The Harvest of the Intl. Year of Astronomy 2009 : It was truly an annus Mirabilis for Algeria with an amazing number of events. All that so that "Astronomy shines in Algeria" for the International Year 2009...More

Moon sirius
Partial Lunar Eclipse: Dec 31, 2009 and the Astro Training Program at El-Khroub to close the Intl. Year of Astronomy 2009:
Watch this blue Moon which closes an eventful year. Beginning of the partial phase on Thursday 31st of December at 18:52 UT...More
astronomy Tunis sirius
Building the Maghreb of the Peoples: The Sirius - Tunisian Connection:
Sirius represented Algeria to two end-of-the-year Tunisian meetings, namely the SAT Congres in Tunis (17-18 December 09) and the 11th Astronomy Meeting of Jeunes-Science (22-24 December 09) on the Djerba island... More
Khartoum: The AUASS Ninth Conference 17-19 Nov 09: Sirius was there at this historical meeting while the Sudanese capitale was polarized by the soccer game between Algeria and Egypt. It participated with 3 conferences, an astronomcal exhibition, and was officially honored for its "100 Hours of Astronomy" internatl. award More
Galilean nights logo
The Constantine Galilean Nights Constantine 22- 24 October 2009
A successor of April's 100 Hours of Astronomy, it is another world wide instrument sighting program focusing specially on Jupiter ans its satellites. Sirius will be of course present for the public with a rich program. Three nights to show to the public the jewels of the Autumn sky...More
salon astronomy Algeria
The Eight National Fair in Popular Astronomy: Constantine 29 0ct - 1 Nov, 09
Another large astronomy gathering planned during this International Astronomy Year 2009: A new edition of this popular yearly Astronomy Salon. It will be more cosmopolitain than the Third Arab Meeting and will bring people from various countries.This event is held as part of the World Space Week celebration whose theme this year is "Space For Education". More...
Hilal sighting Ramadhan  Bounatiro saga
Ramadhan & Eid 2009/1430h
Press Release for this year's Eid
Since the Moon is setting before the Sun on August 20, which corresponds to the 29 of the Lunar month of Shaabane, the crescent will be impossible to see on that evening from all the places in the World. We the first of Ramadhan was indeed asannounced on the 22th of August..
As for the Eid .... Read More
Les Contradictions de Bonatero...
Third Arab Meeting on Amateur Astronomy & Space Sciences The Third Arab Meeting on Amateur Astronomy & Space Sciences going full steam. At the Malek Haddad Cultural Palace, Constantine 1-6 August 2009
The first arab meeting on amateur astronomy ever held in Algeria . It is organized jointly, in the context of IYA 2009, with the Arab Union of Astronomy & Space Sciences (AUASS)...
Read More
Sirius youth eclipse from China The China Expedition:
Return of the Scientific Caravane organized by Sirius to observe the July 22 total Solar Eclipse from Shanghai, China

Twelve Algerians from amateurs astronomers, to University Faculty members to High School and University students, were part of this unique adventure to watch the longuest solar eclipse of this century, from the other side of the planet... Read More
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Events from year 1996 to 2012 :
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