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BREAKING NEWS: Sirius in the Era of the COVID19: Activities never stopped... The 17th National Festival in Popular Astronomy-3-5 October 2019 ... The new Sirius Mirror issue ... Sirius get a first prize at the 100 Hours of Astronomy Intl. Competition ... The Arabic mirror of the Astronomy Picture of the Day site is now active ... The Tenth Arab Conference on Astronomy & Space Sciences at Muscat, Oman
Sirius  astronomy Erathostene Science Sirius Science astronomie Algérie astronomy 2018 Algeria علم الفك الجزائر قسنطينة
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Ramadhan 2022/1443h
The month of fasting should start on Sunday 3 April if we follow a strict naked eyes viewing but on Saturday computationally wise or on the basis of an erroneous viewing of the crescent as it happens almost every year. Indeed, astronomically wise, the crescent will not be formed that evening for most of the Muslim World and marginally so, yet invisible by naked eyes even in America ..
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Breaking News

A New Master of Astrophysics
at Mentouri Univ.
Constantine Master Science Sirius astronomie astronomy 2018  الشعرى Algeria علم الفك الجزائر قسنطينة
Sortie: 1ère Promo de Master d'Astrophysique
apodar site

Sirius get a First prize
at the 100 Hours of Astronomy Intl. Competition
Our Youth Ministry's Congratulation letter
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Sun and Moon now
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The 10th Sirius Voice Special Issue
for the 2011 Astro Festival

Few Sites Worth a Visit

ACF : A dynamic French Association whose site contains a lot of useful and pedagogical pages.
One of the best ephemerid site (In French)
Well known Arabic Astronomy site. News...Views...Articles

Site of the:
Syrian Amateur Astronomy Association (saaa)

A true gold mine
Calsky: Perhaps the most complete astronomical observation and information online.
The Must site in Astrophotography

The New Electronic Magazine

produced by the Sirius Youth team led by Hichem. This is the experimental issue. Sorry only in Arabic at this time. Click on the picture to download.
And here's the second issue

The previous issues of the Sirius Mirror

calendar space astronomy from Sirius
The Space Calendar

All the space events for the next two years from JPL Index

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The Ahmed Saadi Youth Center where the weekly association meetings are held
The weekly radio show"Dounia el-Ouloum" on Constantine Radio produced by our Association, has become "Nadi el-Maarifa"
Radio program astronomy
...now in its 14th year of activity!
- Follow the program on line every Friday 17:30-18:30 UT on FM 93.9
Astronomie Eratosthenes Algeria 2021 Along the Path of Eratosthenes :
21 June 2021
: Constantine
This year again Sirius organized a public event to measure the Earth diameter like did Erathostenus some 2200 years ago. It was part of a network including the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt, the Zarqala Association in Médéa, clubs at Guerrara, and Tamanrasset, at Prisches with the ACF in France as part of the "Journée du Soleil- Pierres Bourge"
... More here
Capdel Sirius astronomie  Constantine "A Concentrate of Science for Primary Schools": Capdel Project:
El- Khroub -Algeria January- June 2021

An educational action in coordination with the Racing Club with Sirius Association supervising the scientific activities within the schools under contract. It is part of a partnership between the Algerian Ministry of Interior and the European Union.
... More here
Aid Celebrations for 2021/1442h
The Aid date is expected to be on Thursday, May 13 in Algeria and in a large part of the Muslim World since the crescent sighting on Tuesday May 11 is strictlty impossible. The month of fasting started on Tuesday April 13th for Algeria and a good part of the Muslim World,
based on an "invisible" crescent. It is again held in a World mostly confined... Read More

"Fake news Era… How to counter Them?":
February 06, 2021: Sirius is organizing a seminar-debate via Zoom on the fight against Fake news as a modern scourge. A panel made of a number of scientists and social media personalities will be animating it. The Zoom link is on the Facebook page of the Association and on the poster. More here.

New Astronomy Magazine from Sirius : November 10, 2020: Sirius Science Mag is online magazine edited by a team of young authors. This second issue consists of 40 pages of articles, interviews and breaking news. The theme in this issue is Artificial Intelligence and Astronomy. The first issue of August 16, 2020, focused on the Coronavirus and astrobiology. And here a link to the third issue.
Holistic Teaching of Science Workshop : 08-10 August 2019: A National Workshop organized by Sirius in partnership with various educational institutions. The aim is to develop a science curriculum which takes into account other elements like ethics, the humanities, including philosophy. It is the second of its kind after the Lahore Workshop in last December... More here.
In theEra of the Coronavirus : March 2020 till now: Meeting through Zoom was the solution... Indeed with the Coronavirus pandemia, all our activities are taking place online and even went stronger than usual. Some thirty meetings and lectures, some with Arab partners, took place (March- July 2020)...
ram20.htm Eid-al-Fitr's Date for 2020/1441h
- Eid El-Fitr celebration starts this Sunday May 24, 2020 in Algeria and most of the Muslim World. This Month of Ramadhan is exceptional as most of the World is confined due to the Coronavirus pandemia. It started on Friday April 25th in Algeria and a good part of the Arab World based on an "invisible" crescent "seen" on Thursday night 24th April ... Read More
Guessoum Constantine Sirius A Series of Conferences by Prof.N.Guessoum : 06-09 Jan 2020
Back to Constantine lecturing at the various Universities in the region. Prof. Guessoum, a physicist, writer and educator from the American University at Sharjah, is a well know figure on the Arab scene for issues related to science and society. Sirius is proud to coordinate his visit. The program here.
El Menia Program with the FOREM: 29 December-01 Jan2020. Sirius at its best outreaching to the Sahara countryside.
Three very active days with visits to sanctuaries and natural places, night observation, camping, lectures, astro exhibit, mobile planetarium shows... El Menia vibrated in tune with our twenty strong team. ...
More here
Periodic Table Celebrations : 05 December 2019, Mentouri Univ., Constantine in collaboration with the LPMPS: 150 years of the Periodic Table which revolutionarized science. A rich program of lectures for the University community ... More here
Astronomy Workshop : 23 November 2019, at Mentouri Univ. Educational program for teachers in Astronomy within the IAU100 activities. It consisted of lectures and hands-on activities. Some 80 Middle School and High School teachers took part in this event organized by Sirius... More here
The 17th National Popular Astronomy Festival:
03-05 October 2019 : The latest edition of the yearly astronomy meeting for both the professional and amateur astronomers from all over the region with its usual rich program. This year's theme is "Under One Sky ", in tune with the IAU100 celebrations going on this year which are celebrating the excitement of the past century of astronomical discoveries ... More here
The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing - Algeria, 20-27 July 2019:
Palais de la Culture Moufdi Zakaria, Algiers. Multi-faceted Event: Four different exhibits from Space to Astrophoto, lecture series, film Festival on the Space Conquest, daily workshops and activities for kids, free planetarium sessions, night observations with instruments... More here

Eid-al-Fitr's Date for 2019/1440h
-The Eid celebrations should be held on Wednesday, 5th of June in Algeria and in all of the Muslim World due to a lunar conjunction close to sunset tile... More here

- The Month of Ramadhan started for most of the Muslim World including Algeria on Monday, 06 of May. It is based for Algeria on the sighting of the crescent on Sunday, 5 May (29th of Shaaban) . Read More

Sirius Tazoult Constantine, Science Algeria Cirta-science Closing Ceremony Cirta-Science 11 Contest: Malek Haddad Cultural Center : April 20, 2019. At last, the names of the three laureates of thescientific contest were announced in the midst of a multifaceted event with prestigious lecturers from Algeria and abroad and other distinguished guests. An animated afternoon indeed full of great activities...More soon
Sirius Tazoult Constantine, Science Algeria planetarium, The Constantine Cosmos Caravan at Tazoult, Wilaya of Batna, March 20, 2019: A whole day of activities at the Ahmed Slimani's High School, close to the infamous Lambeze penitenciary from the colonial era. The seven Sirius members gave 8 lectures to various classes, along with as many planetarium shows. It was snowing all the day and the trip was a real adventure...More here .
Sirius Tazoult Constantine, Science Algeria Educative Program in Astronomy with the Constantine Municipal Library, March 25: A three day exhibit along with Astro workshops for the Constantine's youth. That's what Sirius proposed for the kids and the public for the Spring vacations of this year! More soon
Cirta Science 2019 Constantine astronomy Launching of Cirta-Science 11 Scientific Contest: A trip to Jordan, the land of ancient civilization and culture. The laureates of this year for this unique contest among the best students of 65 High Schools will visit the ancient city of Petra, the Middle East synchroton accelerator SESAME, Amman with its ondulating hills and valleys, and more...More
100hours2019.htm "100 Hours" of Astronomy 2.0 : Malek Haddad Cultural Center,
Jan 12, 2019

- Within the celebrations
of IAU100 comes the "100 Hours of Astronomy" in its new version. Sirius has prepared a rich program of activities spanning two Wilayas and 15 educational institutions It includes: exhibits, activities for kids, planetarium shows, lectures...
More here
Third Edition of Open Doors on Astronomy: Malek Haddad Cultural Center, Oct 6, 2018
- A rich program of astronomy related activities for the benefit of the general public. It coincides with the World Space Week 2018 celebrations: Exhibit, activities for kids, planetarium shows, lectures from speakers from all over Algeria and outside.
More here
Sirius Participation to the Arab Scout Camp 2018
- Sidi Ferruch : Aug 25-Sept 05
Eight members of Sirius participated to this
great Arab event and coached many scout groups in astronomy with practical sessions including night watch with telescopes. More soon...
Counting the Perseids 2018:
Sigus, 13-14 August 2018

Four Sirius members braving the hazy conditions in the Constantine area, went to the Sila dechra in the OEB Wilaya to observe this year's Perseids shower. The crop was abundant as the
ZHR reached 96. ... More here
To the Land of Copernicus & Marie Curie : 18-25 July 2018
The trip of the Cirta-Science 10 laureates to Poland. Seven days to crisscross the land, going to Warsaw, Torun, Piwnice, Krakow... visiting historical places, Science Museums, Auschwitz & Birkenau, the Wielizcka salt mine, the Wavel Royal Castle and more
...More here
Eclipse lunaire 2008 Algeria Sirius Emir Mosque Wonderful Evening: the July 27, total Lunar Eclipse
The longest lunar eclipse of the century: Sirius organized a very successful public event with some 2000 visitors to the site during the whopping 103mn of totality. Luckily, Sirius members were well equiped to deal with the situation and had the whole panoply of instruments and animators to deal with the public for this celestial treat...
More here
Cirta-Tech1 at Constantine: 1-5 July 2018. Sirius in coordination with Nour Thabet from the Qatar Science Foundation organized two workshops aimed at Middle School and High School students for training in creating Web applications, including a Hackathon. It was held at the Constantine Municipal Library ...More here
Erathostenes Science Sirius Science astronomy 2018 Algeria علم الفك الجزائر قسنطينة Along the Path of Eratosthenes :
21 June 2018
: Constantine
This year again Sirius coordinated with a network of observing stations across the country and abroad, to repeat what Erathostenus did 2200 years : inferring the Earth's diameter from the Sun inclination at Equinox time. It is also part of the ACF network "Journée du Soleil- Pierres Bourge" as well as the network of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina
... More here
Ramadan Science Sirius astronomie astronomy 2018  الشعرى Algeria علم الفك الجزائر قسنطينة 2018 Sirius science crescent croissant Eid-al-Fitr's Date for 2018/1439h
The Eid celebrations should be held on Friday, 15 of June in Algeria and in most of the Muslim World due to a conjunction occuring a day before the 29th of Ramadhan... More here
- The Month of Ramadhan started for most of the Muslim World including Algeria on
Thursday 17th of May .... Read More
Ramadan Algeria Sirius Fitna Bounatiro bonatiro On the Pseudo Controversy concerning the prayer schedule and Imsak time: 23 astronomers of magisteral rank, sign a communiqué fustigating the intempestive declarations of L.Bounatiro questioning the validity of the prayers and Imsak of the Algerians since the independence, which is amounting to no less than a "fitna" .... Read More
Skikda Recherche DGRSDT Sirius Science Algeria CRAPC National Day on Popularisation of Science: Cultural Center Mhd Serraj and Skikda Univ: 5-8 May 2018. Sirius answered the call for participation from the DGRSDT who organized these special days for the benefit of the Skikdean public. Again, our planetarium team was spurn into action, along with lectures and special animation.... Read More
The Smarties Club in Action:
Malek Haddad. Every Saturday, the Chatir El-Saghir club young members meet, developping their skills, thanks to a dedicated and able team of trainers... and tracing out a bright future for Sirius... More Soon
Oran Sirius science Université Sonatrach Algérie ExpoScience3- Sonatrach-Oran :
Sirius participated to the ExpoScience3 and Scientific Days which took place at the Palais des Expositions at Oran on 16-19, April 2018. It was present with a stand and its CCC Caravan, and in particular the mobile planetarium... Read More.
Science Sirius astronomie astronomy 2018  الشعرى Algeria علم الفك الجزائر قسنطينة Université Sonatrach Algérie Concluding Cirta-Science X contest: Naming the Laureates
Malek Haddad Palace : April 07, 2018. At last, the names of the three laureates of the contest were announced in the midst of a very successful multifaceted event with conferences, cultural and scientific animation, and more... More Here
Oran Sirius science Université Sonatrach Algérie Ouled Djellal Astrophotography Training :
Ouled Djellal, Biskra. 26-30 March, 2018. Another round of training for the astrophoto team members. It was four nights of observing and learning the techniques for the group of 8 Sirius members at the outskirt of the Sahara desert... More soon
Sirius Salon 2018 Science Sirius astronomie astronomy 2018  الشعرى Algeria علم الفك الجزائر قسنطينة The 16th National Popular Astronomy Festival:
22-24 March 2018 :The count down is on for the yearly astronomy meeting for both the professional and amateur astronomers from all over the region with its usual rich program. This year's theme is "The Vibrating Universe", an echo to the epoch making discovery of gravitational waves and the fact that everything propagating is by oscillating including neutrinos... More here
Sirius science Université Tunisie  SAT Algérie Djerba, Tunis : Second Astronomy Training Camp: 17-21 March 2018. At the invitation of the SAT, Sirius participated at this training camp for the benefit of some 80 students from various Tunisian Universities. The Sirius team gave 3 pedagogical talks, one workshop, organized one scientific contest, in addition to a very successful animation session... More here
Algeria Science contest Sirius The Cirta-Science X Contest:
Malek Haddad Palace. First round : February 17, 2018. First round of this highly popular contest among the 62 High Schools of the Constantine governorate.The best minds were there trying their luck... but "la chance sourit aux esprits préparés"! More here
M'sila University Physics Sirius Algeria Palestine Physics Day at M'sila University :
A joint program between Sirius and the Faculty of Sc
iences, M'sila University.
February 13, 2018
: It was a special day as Msila students never see before. Conferences, scientific contest, and two exhibits...
More here
Guessoum Sirius Lecture Science A Series of Conferences by Prof.N.Guessoum : 7-11 Jan 2018
A rich program of lectures at various Universities in the Constantine area has been set up with Dr.Guessoum, a well known astrophysicist and writer from the American University at Sharjah. The Program and schedule can be found here.
Launching Cirta-Science 10 Scientific Contest: A trip to the land of Copernicus for this year's laureates. The father of modern astronomy, his revolutionary contributions ultimately triggered the scientific revolution. They will link with the great scientific legacy of Poland, visit Copernicus house, Marie Curie's Museum, Auschwitz, Wieliczka's mine ... More
Open Doors on Astronomy: Malek Haddad Cultural Palace, Oct 7, 2017
- A rich program of astronomy related activities for the benefit of the general public. It coincides with the World Space Week 2017 celebrations.
More here
The Sirius Cirta-Science9 team at Carbondale, Il, for the August 21 total solar eclipse: 18-25 Aug. 2017
- A 13-strong team from Sirius went to the US to watch this epic eclipse which could only be seen in the continental USA. Glorious spectacle seen right from the region of maximum duration. A whopping 2mn and 40s during which day dimmed to night.
OK Read More here
Astrophoto Algeria Sirius August 2017
Astrophotography Training:
El Khroub, 24-25 Aug. 2017

- A program carried out in colaboration with Jamiat Ulema al-Muslimin, the youth section, for the beneft of some 25 young people with Abdeljalil from Sirius as instructor. There will be a second and third session in the near future. Read More here
Sirius Contribution to the Scout Jamboree 2017
- Zemmouri el-Bahri: July 3-9, 2017
Coaching 1200 scouts in Astronomy during this exceptional program, twelve members of Sirius undertook this gigantic task, giving basic training in Astronomy, group after group during a whole week.
Read More
The National Fair of the Products of Scientific Research: 18-23 May 2017
- SAFEX, Algiers: Sirius participated in force to this large scientific fair organized by the General Direction of Scientific Research (DGRSDT). We set up a stand , our mobile planetarium and the Cosmic Symphonia" exhibit.
More here
Moon Astronomy Algeria Ramadhan & Eid pages for 2017/1438h
- The Eid: Seing an invisible crescent. The great incertitude on the crescent sighting has become on Saturday evening a "certitude": the "fake news" we were afraid of occured, helped with the fake Bonatiro's ephemerids.
- The start of the month of Ramadhan was on the 27th of May...
Read More
Algeria youth Sirius Science Mathematics A Joint Program with the Math Club from Chelghoum Laid:
Malek Haddad Palace. 3April 30, 2017
Feeding young minds with mathematical morsels related to the history of astronomy and contemporary cosmology. A visit by a 25 strong group of High School students from the Mila Wilaya at this year launched this educational program showing the power of mathematical in action... More here
Algeria youth Sirius Science Closing Ceremony of Grand Cirta-Science IX Contest:
Emir Abdelkader University, April 21, 2017. We know at last the three laureates of this year's contest. This yearly contest organized by Sirius reward scientific achievement among the High School students. Destination this year: Illinois, USA, to sight the August 21 all American total solar eclipse ... More here
Constantine Festival 2017 The 15th National Popular Astronomy Festival: Constantine, 23-25 March 2017 : "A Colored Universe"
The count down is on for the yearly astronomy meeting for the professional and amateur astronomers from all over the region with its usual rich program. It is flying with colors as the theme is indeed: "The Universe at All Wavelengths"... More here
Algeria youth Sirius University Science Astronomy Day at Batna University
Fisdis, Wilaya of Batna March 07, 2017
Program organized by Sirius with the Geology department at Mostefa Ben Boulaïd University (Batna2) at Fesdis. In addition to lectures there was Planetarium shows the whole day long and an astronomical exhibit.... More here
The Grand Cirta-Science IX Competition:
Malek Haddad Palace. First round : 18 February 2017. For the best of the best. Again this year, Sirius is organizing a competition among the 700 brightest minds of the Constantine governorate High Schools. The prize for the three laureates will be a travel to the USA to sight the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017... More here
With the Association "Atfalouna":
Malek Haddad, 31 December 2016. With the orphans and the special needs kids, a full program of activities and astronomical entertainment... More Here
Retreat 2016 at Doucen, Biskra: The usual Winter retreat for the association members took place on 23-27 December 2016. We responded to the invitation of the Blue Gold Association at Doucen near Ouled Djellal the new associate Wilaya... Coming soon
Ouled Rahmoun along the Track of the Cosmic Caravan (CCC): 29 Oct 2016. The CCC is still reaching out at people, at cultural centers, schools, universities and youth gatherings throughout the Constantine borders and even in others Wilayates. It's latest peregrination brought it to Ouled Rahmoun, a quite isolated and somewhat marginalized commune at the boundaries of the Constantine Wilaya. ... More here
mouharram 2016 Algeria
On the First of Muharram
A rather sterile controversy broke out in Algeria concerning the date of the 1st of Muharram, the first month of the Hegiri year 1438 of the Islamic calendar. This open letter from two astronomers tackles from an astronomical point of view the wherabouts of this affair...
OKRead More
Opening Academic Year Mentouri 2016 Opening the 2016 Year at Mentouri University
For that occasion, a special Open Doors day was organized by the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences in coordination with the Sirius Astronomy Association and the LPMPS Lab....
Read more here.
Ramadhan pages for 2016/1437h
The start of the Ramadhan month is for the 6th or 7th of June according to various jurisprudential views...

As for the Eid's date, it should be on the 6th of July based on naked eye sighting and on the 5th based on a precomputed method...

OKRead More
Race to Space Contest : The Race to Space contest has been launched officially. This program organized by Sirius in coordination with the Cultural Service of the US Embassy at Algiers. Six happy laureates have been selected to go for a week to the Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama this Summer. Updated info here...
Tunisie SAT Sirius Astronomy Kelibia Kelibia, Tunis : First Astronomy Camp: 30 March-2 April 216. Sirius participated strongly at this University camp organized by the SAT with the Ministry of Universities there. Hundreds of students got training in Astronomy and the Sirius team gave 5 talks and animated a highly successful evening workshop.... More here
The Ibn al-Haytham Days II: Constantine 24-25 January 2016 : Closing the IYL2015 in Algeria in beauty with this last national event organized in coordination with the Physics Department. Plenty of activities and some high powered lecturers and two large scientific exhibits from Sirius and the CDTA ... More here
The Intl. Year of Light 2015 still shinning : Constantine, Mentouri Univ & Constantine-3 Universities: More programs within IYL015 events with lectures and expositions. One was with the opening of Nadi Ihya el-Ouloum and the other one was the featured Conference of Prof.Melikechi ... from DSU in USA.
Sirius retreat 2015 El Kantara The December Winter Retreat in the Aures Mountain range : 18-20 Dec - 2015: Training at El-Kantara in astrophotography and telescope sighting for the 40 strong Sirius members. Opening the skies to the local population- Visit of the Roman bridge and the Rhoufi Canyon with its troglodytic dwellings.
Poster Salpn 2015 Sirius Algerie Science The 14th Popular Astronomy Festival : Constantine, 08-10 Oct - 2015: "20 Years of Exoplanets"
The count down is on for the yearly astronomy meeting for the professional and amateur astronomers from all over the region with its usual rich program. The XXth century is indeed becoming the Exoplanets century. It is also a celebration of World Space Week 2015..... More here
Rewarding the Three Laureates of Cirta-Science7 : 05-11 Sept - 2015: A Scientific Marathon through Southern France visiting the OHP Observatory, the international fusion project ITER at Cadarache, the plateau de Calern facility near Grasse, and the Nice Observatory among other things... More
Crescent Ramadhan Algeria 2015 Eid al-Fitr page for 2015/1436h: The Eid crescent is not going to be seen on the evening of July 16 since the Moon will basically set along the Sun ... Read More
Collective Ftour & Outreach

Sirius organized several nightly events reaching out locally and across three continents... Read More
CCC Constantine astronomy Following the Track of the Cosmic Caravan (CCC):
The unfolding of a success story! Since the past three years, CCC has been moving through cultural centers, schools, universities, youth gatherings throughout the Constantine borders and even others Wilayates. It aims at initiating the public to the mysteries of the Universe and bringing to it the message of science ... More here
Ouargla Science IYL 2015 Light The Ouargla Salon on Popularisation of Science:Ouargla 19-21 May 2015. Sirius was a major partner in this big show organized for the student community of Ouargla University. Both CCC and various Sirius exhibits were mobilized to make this show a success ... More here
IYL2015 Year of Light Année Lumière Algerie The Ibn al-Haytham Days:Constantine 21-22 April 2015. They took place at Mentouri University. They are organized by the Math Depart and Sirius and consist in a Colloquium ("Shedding light on light") and an exhibit : "Cosmic Symphonia". The "Caravan of Light" from CDTA was also present in force... More here
Opening International year light Algeria 11 April The Intl. Year of Light 2015: Algiers- 11April . Kicking off the IYL2015 in Algeria at the Moufdi Zakaria Cultural Palace in presence of the UNESCO Director. Sirius was at the heart of the event with the largest stand of all : 150 square meters of pure display : all the physics of light in the Heaven and the Earth ... More here
Eclipse 20 March Algeria The March 20th Partial Solar Eclipse : Constantine, Sirius will make sure that the public will be able to follow properly this cosmic event The eclipse watch will take place on Friday in downtown Constantine with plenty of telescopes and eclipse glasses .... More here
<vide> Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria The International Year of Light 2015: Paris, UNESCO. 19 Jan. Sirius was there at the grand opening among the World delegations. It has also set up a rich yearly program of activities to celebrate light both locally and nationally. Ibn al-Haitham, the father of optics, has been taken as the emblematic figure of the celebration ... More here
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An Islamic View of the Universe
Modern Cosmology in the Islamic Worldview
By Bruno Guiderdoni (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)
Les Lentilles Gravitationnelles
By: Sihem KALLI
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