The10th National Fair in Popular Astronomy .... 29 October-1 Nov 2011, Constantine, Algeria ... World Space Week 2011 ...50 years of human space flight.... Popular Science in Action   


At Kerboua Middle School at Khroub City
with Astronaut Muszaphar Sheikh
A Royal Welcome !
Learn more Here about Muszaphar's accomplishments and ambitions

Receiving a Hero's welcome.

He spent 12 days aboard the ISS before returning to Earth

A captive audience

Talking about his experience in space as Muslim. At right, the Director of the Kerboua Middle School, the man behind the event. Here is a video on Youtube of his cosmic journey.

Sheikh Muszaphar has conducted scientific experiments with microbes of tropical diseases and with proteins for a potential HIV vaccine.He has also studied the effects of microgravity and space radiation on cancer cells and human genes. Here an experiment with fluids in space.

Blasting off from Baikonour from a Soyouz spacecraft.

His journey through space

Showered with gifts ...

A family picture. Can you find our astronaut?

Signing autographs in the courtyard.

Autograph signing from another corner of the World.

Giving an interview with the ENTV crew

A picture session with the Middle School's cook team.
Lecturing at the Emir Abdelkader Mosque

His experience as Muslim in outer space.

Here a video of Dr.Muszaphar performing prayer in space.

Reading the Koran with Imam Mohamed Bourkab and his assistants. And a last picture here.