Sirius Astronmy Association Salon 2008
The 7th National Fair in Popular Astronomy ... 30 October-1Nov 2008, Constantine, Algeria... World Space Week 2008 ... International Year of Astronomy 2009 .... Popular Science in Action   

Part and parcel of the closing ceremony is the traditional theater play where talented Sirius members get a chance to display their skills. This year, it is about an imaginary and unwilling travel to Mars by careless daytime dreamers.

While some are daydreaming (foreground)others are plotting (background)...
Like usual, the play brings forth scientific facts within a fanciful story, the whole thing unfolding in an entertaining way.

Caught by Martians


The various acts unfolding

According to the audimat, the play got a frank success. Behind it was a great scenario written by Affaf and Wafa Bendali-Amor. In directing and training the young actors, all from the Sirius association, was Bilal from the Constantine Regional Theater.

Here Bilal standing at the right of Ammi Ali from Sirius.

The Sirius chorale performing

The Competition for the Eclipse 2009 trip to China

The competition was initiated by the National Committee of IYA2009. Fifteen thoughtful pictures displayed, fifteen responses expected. The second part of the competition was an oral exam taken next morning.

All members of the national the associations were allowed to participate by as many representative as they wished. They will be only one laureate !

Time to listen...

... and time to answer

Zakaria Hamdi from the Celestial Cupola Club at El-Oued Here standing with N.Seghouani the Head of the Astronomy Depart. of the CRAAG and the Spoc of IYA2009 for Algeria.

He was the clear winner of the Fair2008 competition of the best amateur astronomer. He got the best scores on both the written and the oral exams.

The prize is a trip to China to observe the July 22 total solar eclipse.

The Closing Ceremony

The final act of the Fair 2008

Prof.S.Dallal from Bahrein and Vice President of AUASS receiving an award from the hands of Dr.Seghouani from the CRAAG-Algiers.

P.Morel from the SAF receiving an award from the hands of Jaidane of JST-Tunis.

Mona Anbar from the Kuweit Science Club handed the award to B.Tafreshi from TWAN

H.Hamidani from EDA-Constantine University receiving his framed diploma from the hands of Fouka from the CRAAG-Algiers

Hocine from Médéa beaming, receiving his participation diploma from Kamal Ourezguia, the Sirius Vice president.

Boudjemai from the CTS-Arzew receiving the participation diploma from the Director of the ENNA.

S.Jaidane from Assoc. Jeunes Science of Tunis receiving his diploma from A.Djarri a veteran of Sirius teaching at Mentouri University

The "Diploma team": Here Mustapha and Meriem. More

Oussama getting the list of the people and institutions to reward
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