About the 4th Salon and More

This year's Salon is held in conjonction with the October 3 annular eclipse. As usual, the celebrations of the Salon were made to coincide with the World Space Week, except that for the eclipse's sake, it was advanced by a week.This Salon's theme is, not unexpectedly, on the October 3, annular eclipse.

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The Fourth Constantine Salon on Popular Astronomy

All in all, it was a short (Due to the eclipse!) but beautiful Salon, held at the Issiakhem Exposition Hall in the heart of center city. The exposants were distributed between the two levels of the Hall. Here standing at right, Mustapha Derradji, the President of Sirius in charge of the Salon.

The various associations (Here from El Eulma) made a beautiful show, full of color and taste.

The setting up of the expo was done on Friday. Here Mustapha from Sirius fixing up the banderol.

The view from the top was dominating, to say the least.

Tarek, our previous treasurer, in full action.

Mission accomplie! The Earth was properly inflated.

The new panels needed some expertise to set up. Manal and Khadidja at work.

Sideral Dialogue:
"Ahlan Ana al aqwa", "Sawfa ouksifouka ya chamsou" ...

Mustapha and Amine stitching

From Ain Fakroun, with smiles.

The Jordanian Astronomical Society was ably represented by Iyad Mustapha Ahmed, a well known astrophotographer.

The INCT was also well represented.

Participants played wonderfully their role with the public.

The Celestial Dome Society from El Oued

The new Astronomy Club from Annaba.

The projects of the smarties' Club of the Sirius Association had its corner with its various realisations, presented by Aisha and Douniazad..

The Sirius reception desk had a display of various programs free to use and in particular the Eclipse site of the Association. Here Saber manipulating the PC.

The eclipse maps were sold for a small price. Here Karima at the stand.

Iyad Mustapha Ahmed gave a lecture on photographic techniques at the Khroub Cultural Center for the participants.

This workshop was well received by the participants to the point that the whole program went into close to two hours.

Seminar on the Eclipse at Dar el Imam

Some 250 Imams, Mourchidates and religious personnal from all over the wilaya participated at the Seminar on the annular eclipse organized by our Association in coordination with the Directorate of Religious Affairs of the Constantine Wilaya.

An attentive audience

Every mosque and religious office in the Wilaya was provided graciously an eclipse map which was produced by our Association in collaboration with the CRAAG and the INCT.

Some 250 maps were distributed in all.


Seminar to School teachers at El Houria High School

The Seminar was organized by the Sirius Astronomy Association for the benefit of the High School teachers of the city of Constantine. It was in preparation of the national lesson on the October 3 eclipse to be given on the 1st of October nationwide.

Many High School teachers, mostly teaching Geography and Physics classes, attended the Seminar.

Explanations on the eclipses.

The representative of Sirius at right donating maps to the Schools of the Constantine wilaya. At left is Mr.Abderahmane Teyyar head of the Constantine Inspection Department of the Ministry of National Education Some 520 maps were donated to all the Schools, Middle Schools and High Schools in the region. Many more were donated to various state institutions in and outside Constantine.