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Fifth National Salon
in Popular Astronomy

Media Coverage

Our Astronomy Fair got an excellent media coverage both in the written press and on radio and TV. A great number of National newspapers both Arabic speaking and French speaking ones picked up our communiqué, and some made extensive coverage of it. The palm goes to El Watan with three articles in the period preceding and during the Salon. We mention also, Le Quotidien d'Oran, La Nouvelle République, El Moudjahid, El-Khabar and a great number of other titles which we didn't follow up with while the Salon was going on. We mention that the official Algerian Press Agency (APS) had a special bulletin on the Salon which was picked up by some newspapers.

We also note that the Société Astronomique de France had a half page article in its August 2006 issue of its magazine "Astronomie" on the Constantine Salons with a vibrant call for a wide participation from Europeans amateurs to the fifth Salon. Furthermore there is a special page on the solar observations carried out during the Salon at their site: la SAF Interactive

We were gratified with an extensive coverage by the radio channels: the national radio channel "La Chaine 3" broadcasted a report on the Salon in addition to an interview at its noon news bulletin on the day of the opening;Cirta FM , the local radio station, run advertisement spots free of charge starting two weeks prior to the Salon in addition to an on the spot coverage,Médi 1, the Morroccan based international radio channel made an extensive segment on our Salon one week prior to it.

The National TV, both the ENTV and Canal Algérie, broadcasted spots on the Salon prior to the event, and made a lenghty coverage in its mid day news bulletin on Thursday November 3.

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