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(Pictures by Rayyane)

We were honored to have his Excellency the Wali (Equivalent of the Governor in the US or Préfet in France) present at the opening day and actually officiating the Fair's inauguration.

The Wali's Visit

Even before entering the main exhibition hall, the Wali had a stop over at the "solar observation station" set up by the SAF with a Coronado SM90 telescope on the esplanade of the Malek Haddad center.

Philippe Morel, the SAF president and head of the French delegation was presented to the Wali.

A solar immersion with protuberance at profusion was proposed to the Wali

After a short hesitation, he acquiesced and made a diving for full solar action...

The Wali stopping at the Tunisian stand.

A visit at the CNTS stand. They are peoplwho built the AlSat Algerian satellite. Here Dr. Boudjema from the orbitography division.

It took more than one hour for touring the various stands.

The Wali is was visibly satisfied at what he has seen. At his left is a beaming Dr.Bounah, President of the Constantine State (Wilaya) Popular Assembly (PAPW).

The inauguration took place at the reception hall after a short introductory speech.

The Salon was then declared open.


Design: Chamseddine Mouatsi
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