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Société Tunisienne d'Astronomie

The December 2009
Tunis Astro Meetings

18-19: SAT- Tunis
22-24: Jeunes-Science - Djerba

Djerba Jeunes - Science

Two Astro Programs in Tunisia
where Sirius was present

December 09


The SAT (Société Astronomique de Tunisie) Meeting
Tunis: 18-19 December 2009

The registration area (above) and the opening session below.

The exposition hall where the SAT had a large historical display spanning two decades of activities in addition to the presentation of scientific projects. In the back, the astronomy exposition set up by Sirius.

The Sirius desk was always busy answering inquiries. Here seated Zineddine (Zinou) while standing up at its left is Aymen.

The lecture hall. Here Hamdouche Mourad from Sirius during his lecture.

The location of the Meeting was a charming place. It is a Formation Center at Bir El-Bey in the suburb of Tunis. You can see close-by the beaches.

The view inside the Camp

Here again the Sirius area with part of our astronomy display panels in the back.

A workshop on mirror polishing was arranged for the benefit of the young SAT members which was headed by Zinou from Sirius.

A free discussion going on between the Sirius members and the young members of SAT. Here at right is Abdelhafidh Teyahi the SAT's General Secretary and at left Mourad from Sirius.

Each one expressing his views on what practising astronomy has brought to one's life.

Receiving a honorary diploma on behalf of Sirius from the SAT's president Mr.Hafid Ateb, and in turn handing over some gifts to the SAT.

A picture with some of the participants.

A last picture with Sirius and SAT members on our way out of the camp: consolidating our brotherly links. Next year at the Constantine Astronomy Salon!

Jeunes-Science - Djerba Island -Tunisia
22-24 December 2009

The opening ceremony in presence of the local authorities. Adressing the assembly is Foued Anane, the Jeunes - Sciences Djerba dynamical president.
As usual, it was a successful program, masterly organized, enhanced by the presence of quite few high powered lecturers from abroad.

A view of the lecture hall.

The Société Astronomique de France (SAF) was present and contributed much to the scientific program of the Meeting. At left, the ever joyful and dynamic Georges Saccomani with his encyclopaedic knowledge. At right, Philippe Morel, the SAF president and a usual attendee of the Consrtantine Astronomy Salons. Click on the picture to see the Sirius display in the back

A visit to the new Djerba Traditional Heritage Museum. On the picture some of the Jeunes Science Bureau members (In the middle, Lassaad Lakrout the general secretary, Mohsen at left and Sami Elouati at right).

Some day and night sightings were organizing in cooperation with the SAF for the benefit of all.

Sirius on Public and Private Tunisian TV's
Sirius on the Public Channel: Tunis TV
on 30 December 2009

Interview of the Sirius representative on Tunisian TV on the IYA 2009 in Algeria during the Tunisian meeting of "Jeunes Sciences" Djerba .
Sirius on Hannibal TV
on 31 December 2009

A rather lenghty segment onHannibal TV was devoted to the SAT Astro Meeting in Tunis and it covered as well Sirius activities.
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