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IYA-2009 on Campus

Sirius organized quite few activities on the campus during 2009.
This was made relatively easy by the fact that most of our members are students.

- Bringing the IYA09 to Campus
- Expo at the Chaabat campus
- Expo and lectures at the Veterinary School at Khroub

More recent activities at Mentouri University

Bringing the IYA09 to Campus:
The Pleasure of Astronomy

Bringing the Intl.Year
of Astronomy 09

to the Campus!

23-25 June, 2009,
Constantine, Algeria

With the participation
of Dr.Nidhal Guessoum
from the American University
in Sharjah

Mentouri University: 23-24 June 2009
Emir Abdelkader University : 25 June 2009

In addition to the lectures :

- Observation of the Sun from the Mentouri University plazza with the PST, solarscope...
- Astronomical exposition next to the Auditorium


More at this link

Astro Expo
at the Chaabat Errassas Campus
Mentouri University

As part of scientific exposition organized by the Khawarizmi Club, Sirius set up its stand complete with posters, scale models... and plenty of volunteers.

It was a three-day event with very intensive interaction with the university community.

Yearning for (astronomical) knowledge...

Expo, Lectures and Sun watching
at the Veterinary School at Khroub

Sirius members waiting for the "customers".

The exposition going on.

A day long program. Here Chakib announcing the "color".

Imène, the General Secretary of Sirius, lecturing on Space medecine.

Ouarda Guediri, Sirius Executive Bureau member on Optics and Stargazing.

Zinou and Younès setting up the PST for solar obserbvation in the garden of the Veterinary School.

More activities on Campus at Constantine University and at Mila University Center