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 Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria

International Year of Light Arabic IYL
Here is the Algerian national site of the IYL-2015

Année de la lumière Algérie 2015

Kicking Off
the International Year of Light 2015
Paris: 19-20 January at the UNESCO Headquarters

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International year light Ibn Haitham Algeria
The emblematic figure of the IYL2015:
Ibn al-Haitham al Basri, author of the "Kitab al Manathir" (Optics) and father of the science of optics.

The IYL-2015 Algeria: The Yearly Agenda
(Not all the events have been reported below. See the official listing for more links)

Philatelie Algerie IYL2015
Special stamp issed for IYL2015

Evenings Sounds & Light in center city Algiers
Bordj Jan 2016 Visit Sirius
Friendly visit to Sirius by Jamiat Ulema branch of Bordj el-Ghdir with a scientific program specifically for them.

OK Latest: Ouargla Salon on Popularisation of Science
at Ouargla University
Photorama of the Event

Ouargla DGRSDT Salon Vulgarisation Scientifique

On the Ibn al-Haytham Days

at Constantine
Photorama of the Event

 Constantine 2015 Light Science Physics


The IYL-2015 Grand Opening
at Algiers (ATRST & DGRSDT)
Moufdi Zakaria Cultural Palace, Kouba

Colloquium and Exhibit
11-12 April 2015

Opening of the IYL-2015 for Algeria by M.Mebarki, the Minister of Higher Education
Bokova Algiers UNESCO Year of Light 2015This took place on April 11 in presence of the General Director of UNESCO, Mme Irina Bokova
Ouverture Alger Année Mondiale Lumière Sirius 11 April Bokova science
Three stands put up in partenariat with the Thematic Agency for Research in Science & Technology (ATRST) reaching a whopping 175 square meters area, more than twice the largest concurring stand. One for astronomy, another one for physics...


Opening Bokova Alger Année Mondiale Lumière Sirius 11 April... ...and the third stand was the planetarium of the CCC caravan with its sophisticated digital projector.

Sirius Moufdi Palais de la Culture Bokova UNESCO
Five out of the seven team members presenting various experiments in optics to the delegation touring the exhibit..

Ouverture Alger Année Mondiale Lumière Sirius 11 AprilSeven students from the Physics Department at Mentouri University and members of Sirius were manning those stands, in addition to running the Planetarium shows.

Luckily, they seem to have been granted the gift of ubiquity and could cater to the many demands of the public. Koreichi at work.

Ouverture Alger Année Mondiale Lumière Sirius 11 April Bokova science 2015
Here the Constantine Cosmos Caravan (CCC) ready to handle eager visitors.
IYL 2015 Algiers Sirius Bokova

IYL 2015 Algiers Sirius Bokova

IYL 2015 Algiers Bokova UNESCO lecture Année Lumière

IYL 2015 Algiers Sirius Bokova
Prof.J.Mimouni from Mentouri University and President of Sirius had the distinguished honnor to give the first general lecture, "The Odyssey of Light", just after the official opening. It was quite a dynamic show as one can see.
Sirius Moufdi Palais de la Culture Bokova UNESCO
The official delegation paused at lenght at both of
the Sirius stands. Here Mme Bokava with Prof.Mebarki and Prof. Aourag the General Director of the Directorate of Research (behind Mme Bokova) inquiring with the Sirius members. Hichem explaining the Dark Skies Africa Project carried out at various middle schools and part of a 14 African countries network.
Sirius Moufdi Palais de la Culture Bokova UNESCO
Another stop at the Sirius second stand. In the foreground is a model of the Horn antenna of Bell Lab which enabled the discovery of the CMB back in 1965. The oldest light in the Universe!
Sirius Moufdi Palais de la Culture Bokova UNESCO
Abderahmane and Hassen from the energetic department at Mentouri University on duty
IYL Algerie Année Lumiere Sirius ATRST DGRSTD Sirius
With Prof.Hassan Darhmaoui from Ifrane University, representing Morroco
IYL Algerie Sirius Palais de la Culture Ouverture
In service of the public. Yasser enlightening young minds..
Ouverture Alger Année Mondiale Lumière Sirius 11 April
The Sirius astronomical alley!
Opening of the IYL-2015 for Constantine on the 12th by M.Mebarki, the Algerian Minister of Higher Education, in presence of the UNESCO Director.
Constantine Opening Year Light Lumiere Bokova année 2015 Sirius
Algerie Constantine Opening Year Light Lumiere Bokova année 2015 Sirius Algerie Constantine Opening Year Light Lumiere Bokova année 2015 Sirius
Year light Algeria Sirius Lumière 2015
Listening to Dr. Suleiman Baraka from El-Aqsa University at Gaza and the UNESCO Chair holder for Astrophysics for the Palestinian Territories (On the screen at left). He is explaining the actions undertaken to spread the culture of astronomy and the research program on Gaza, and thanking Dr. Bokova for her efforts to allow the opening of UNESCO Chair.


The Ibn al-Haytham Days
at Mentouri University - Constantine
a Program organized by the Mathematics Department
the Sirius Astronomy Association and the Physics Department.

and with the participation of the "Caravan of Light" from CDTA, Setif
The great support of the DGRSTD and the ATRST in the Exhibit is gratefully aknowledged.

International Colloquium and Exhibit
21-22 April 2015
In Celebration of the IYL-2015
 Location: 500 Places Pédagogiques at Mentouri University
Constantine, Algeria
OKPhotorama of the Event

Year Light Algeria 2015 Constantine Année LumièreClick on the poster for the full picture

1- Exhibit:
"Cosmic Symphonia "
"The Caravan of Light"


2- Colloquium
"Shedding light on light"

Light Algeria celebration 2015  Année LumièreClick on the poster for the full picture



Université de Lille, France

Ibn al-Haytham, mathematician and physicist

Daniel ROUAN

Académie des Sciences, France

Light and exoplanets


Université de Barcelone, Espagne

A History of Maghribi medieval Astronomy & Astrology


CRAAG (Algiers Observatory)

Foucault  and the  measurement of the speed of Light


Université de Batna

The nuclear light and the secret energy of the Sun

Djamil AISSANI, Mohamed BEKLI, Djamel MECHEHED

Université de Béjaia

Ibn Hammad, Ibn Sab`in, Ibn Khaldun and other Maghreban sources on optics and light.

Mahdi RAHMANI CDTA, Université de Sétif "The many uses of light: from substance identification to 3D printing"


Mentouri University

Cosmic Symphonia

- The Proceedings can be found here

Followed by a Round table:
"Light in the  XXI Century"

With the participation of the Laboratories of the Mathematics Department,
and the Laboratory of Mathematical Physics and Subatomic Physics (LPMPS)

This International Colloquium and Exhibit -Ibn el-Haitham Days-  initiated and organized by the Mathematical Department of Mathematics in collaboration with Sirius, aims at celebrating the IYL-2015 in Eastern Algeria. Lecturers from various Algerian universities and from abroad will give some 8 talks about light, its history, and its various applications.
The exhibit accompagnying th colloquium will focus on light and is made of 50 large panels describing the various aspects of light: the physics of light, light in the Lab, light in daily life, and light in the cosmos. The "Caravan of Light from CDTA, Setif with its 40 experiments in optics will participate to the exhibit as well as the Research Center in Astronomy & Astrophysics (CRAAG, the former Algiers Observatory). It will also include a series of experiments related to optics that will be staffed by students of the physics department. School groups from all over the region will be visiting the exhibit during the two days as arrangements have been made with the Educational Directorate of the Constantine Prefectorate.


إبن الهيثم: رياضي وفيزيائي

Université de Lille

أحمد جبار

الضوء والكواكب خارج النظم الشمسي

أكاديمية العلوم، فرنسا

Daniel ROUAN

تاريخ علم الفلك والتنجيم في المغرب خلال العصور الوسطى  

جامعة برشلونة، إسبانيا


فوكو وقياسه لسرعة الضوء

CRAAG  ، الجزائر،  مرصد الجزائر

نسيم سغواني

إبن حماد إبن سبعين إبن خلدون ومصادر مغربية أخرى حول البصريات والضوء

جامعة بجاية

جمال عيساني، محمد بكلي، جميا مشهد

الضوء النووي وأسرار الشمس

جامعة باتنة

عبد الحميد بوالجدري

تحولات الضوء وألوان الكون

جامعة قسنطينة

جمال ميموني

    • محاضرات في تاريخ البصريات والبصريات الحديثة
    • معرض علمي متنوع

    تنظم أيام ابن الهيثم للاحتفال بالسنة العالمية للضوء 2015 في المنطقة الشرقية للجزائر، وذلك بحضور محاضرين في شتى تخصصات. أما المعرض الذي يقام بالموازاة مع الملتقى فسيضم 40 لوحة تعليمية تصف الجوانب المختلفة للضوء، فيزياء الضوء، الضوء في المخبر، الضوء في الحياة اليومية والضوء في الكون. كما سيضم عدد من تجارب مرتبطة بالبصريات يُقدمها طلبة قسم الفيزياء. كما سيتم بالتنسيق مع مديرية التربية تنظيم زيارات أفواج مدرسية للمعرض.

      Detailed Program 21-22 April 2015
    Colloquium: "Shedding light on light"

    Tuesday 21 April

    9h30- 9h45

    Cérémonie d'Ouverture
    - Allocutions d'introduction
    - Inauguration par Prof.A.Djekoun, Président de l'Université

    9h45- 10h45

    Ahmed DJEBBAR, Université de Lille, France
    Ibn al-Haytham, mathématicien et physicien Talk and Write up

    10h45- 11h15

    Pause café, visite de l'Exposition:
    « Monts et Merveilles de la Lumière »
    Dépt. de Physique, Assoc. Sirius, et CRAAG

    11h15- 12h15

    Daniel ROUAN, Académie des Sciences, France
    Lumière et Exoplanètes


    13h30- 14h30

    Marc OLIVERAS, Université de Barcelone, Espagne
    A History of Maghribi medieval astronomy & Ibn Qunfudh al-Qacentini

    14h30- 15h30

    Nassim SEGHOUANI, CRAAG, Alger
    الفيزيائي فوكو (Foucault)  وقياس سرعة الضوء
    Foucault et la détermination de la vitesse de la lumière               

    15h30- 16h30

    Abdelhamid BOULDJEDRI, Université de Batna
    الضوء النووي وأسرار الشمس
    La lumière nucléaire et les secrets du Soleil

    Wednesday 22 April

    8h30- 9h30

    Djamil AISSANI Mohamed BEKLI, Djamel MECHEHED, Univ. de Béjaia
    "Ibn Hammad, Ibn Sab`in, Ibn Khaldun et les autres sources maghrébines relatives à l'optique et à la lumière (13e - 19e siècles)"

    9h30- 10h10

    10h10- 10h55

    Mahdi RAHMANI, CDTA Sétif: "Applications de la lumière, de l'identification des substances à l'impression 3D"
    Courtes interventions d'étudiants de mathématique et de physique sur la Lumière et son histoire

    10h55- 11h15

    Pause café -  Exposition

    11h15- 12h15

    Jamal MIMOUNI, Université Mentouri
    الضوء في كل أحواله
    Les Avatars de la Lumière

    Après Midi: Table Ronde

    "La Lumière au XXI siècle"
    Modérée par Prof.J.Mimouni
    Participation de: D.Rouan, N.Seghouani, A.Bouldjedri, M.Rahmani...


    The Grand Opening of IYL-2015 at Paris
    19-20 January 2015

     Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light AlgeriaThe UNESCO hall on the opening day

     Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria
    Irina Bokova, the UNESCO's Director General giving the introductory statements.

    Ahmed Zewail Année de la lumière Algérie 2015

    Haroche IYL2015

    Kaifu President IAU  Année Lumière 2015 Year of Light Algeria
    Some high powered speakers: The two Nobel prize holders Ahmed Zewail and Serge Haroche, and Norio Kaidu, the President of the IAU.

    William Phillips Année de la lumière Algérie 2015

    William Phillips

    Physics Nobel prize, William Phillips's unique show

    Opening IYP2015 Paris


    Expo Sirius
    A large space was devoted to the exhibit which was held in parallel to the main lectures program.
    1001 invention Année de la lumière Algérie 2015 Expo IYL2015
    Expo Haiti IYL 2015
    Photo Exposition on Haiti
    IYP 2015 Algeria Année de la lumière Algérie
    Large scale model of the camera obscura invented by Ibn al-Haitham in the exposition hall of the UNESCO
    Light save light Année de la lumière Algérie
    Meet Vy: Light can improve life. T.NT.Tran from Vietnam & USA explained how disfiguring birthmarks can be treated successfully.
    Sun breaking Sirius
    Let there be light !
Année de la lumière Algérie 2015 Année de la lumière Algeria 2015