The 11th National Fair in Popular Astronomy .... 4-6 October- 2012, Constantine, Algeria ... World Space Week 2012 ...The Sun our Star.... Popular Science in Action   


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The opening ceremony with the APW's Vice president Maitre Saad Beghija representing the Wali. At the center is the Director of the Malek Haddad Cultural Palace

Associations from many Wilayas including astronomical organisatons from abroad were present at ,the ceremony.

The stand of the INCT National Institut of Cartography and Teledetection)

The "Exploring Mars" roundtable going on full swing with a panel of scientits and experts lead by Prof Roger Bonnet, Director of the
International Space Science Institute in Berne, Swisse.

And here Prof.Roger Bonnet, former director of ESA science programme lectturing on the future of Mars exploration.

Prof. Hakeem Oluseyi from Florida Insitute of Technology lecturing on the Big Bang. Here a link to more of its activities outreach in Algeria

Some of the other lecturers, from Algeria, Tunisia, France, Egypt...

Observing the Sun in day time. Philippe Morel president of the SAF was like usual the man setting up the apparatus and handling the flow of viewers.

Prof Tharwat Heikal from Tanta University and his colleague Prof. ElMetwally Lebda from Kafr El-Cheikh Univ.
The Planetarium Show

The Sirius Chorale & the Theater Play: El Amana

The theater play: El Amana
The Touristic Trip to Timgad and the Imadghassen Mausoleum

A family picture of the particpants to the Festival

This Year's Theme:
For WSW 2013
"Exploring Mars - Discovering Earth"

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