The festival this year again was extremely successful both in term of the number of participating associations as well as in term of the level of the scientific animation and the rich content of the multifaceted program. It also witnessed during the 3 days a record number of visitors from all waks of life going into the thousands. It could easily boast to have become the most popular amateur astronomy event in Africa.

A large poster of the Milky Way was hanging over part of the exposition hall. It was produced by CMU physics professor Axel Mellinger and arabized and adapted by Rafik . More here

Turning the Milky Way's neighborhood into common knowledge to people...

The inauguration of the Festivale by Prof.Boussouf, the PAPW representing the Wali at right, and Dr.Chibane, the Mayor of Constantine at left.

The Earth Science Institut at Mentouri Univ. were present with a large variety of rocks and some graduate students to provide for the explanations. They promised us that next year there will be rocks from outer space too!

Sighting was also a strong point. Both a Coronado PST and an ETX Meade was available on the courtyard. Some Sun sighting effectively took place despite some cloudy periods.

Lecturers from various universitieswere with us at the Festival. From left to right: Dr.Seddik Alnajeh from Tripoli, Libya, Prof.M.Heikal from Tanta Univ in Egypt, Prof Jubouri from Anbar Univ. in Irak.

The kids were throughout the Festival the center of all the attention...

Youngsters explaining to youngsters. The nec plus ultra.
The Tunisian Corner

Teyahi from SAT-Tunis holding an astrolabe

At left, students from AstroENIT - Tunis interacting with the public in front of a large historical display.

The workshop for youngsters animated by Marwan from the PDO planetarium, Oman

The Scientific Theater

Some of the actors in the play.

TWAN is Back
The Lectures Series

Basma Dhiab from ICOP and JAS (Jordanian Astronomical Society) lecturing on the media impact of the astronomical activities in Jordan carried out by JAS

R.Ferlet from the Institut Astrophysique de Paris (IAP) on "Extraterrestrial Life"

The Kutb Astronomical Association from Berriane briefing the Governor on its projects

Here with the Bordj Bou Arreridj astronomy Club while caring for young visitors...

From Bousaada

... and from Tlemcen

The Governor received by the President of the Omani Astronomical Association.

And here with the Sharjah University Astronomy Club.

Here at the stand of the CRAAG's regional center of Ain Smara, talking to Mr Amrani its Director.

A Panoramic Image of the Night Sky
The Arabic version

After nearly two years and more than 26,000 miles, CMU physics professor Axel Mellinger pieced together more than 3,000 individual photographs and transformed them into this panoramic image of the full night sky with the Milky Way galaxy at its center. Prof. Axel kindly authorized Sirius to reproduce his masterpiece free of charge. Click on the picture for higher resolution.

The Picture Part II

Rewarding the Association members who distinguished themselves

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