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Honoring the Best Achievers
The HOU Workshop - 31Nov 2010

The Sidi M'Cid bridge at night. One of the highest bridge in Africa hanging above a canyon of some 300 m deep where the Rhummel is flowing.

The thirst of learning
The students of the "Ecole Doctorale d'Astrophysique" at work during those three days of intensive interaction with the public.

The "Centre des Techniques Spatiales" staff from Arzew answering questions from young inquirers...
Workshops were taking place in the evenings. Here at Mhamed the Yazid cultural complex auditorium at El Khroub near Constantine.
Visit at Tiddis, the Ancient Roman City

Tiddis, the strategic and ancient Castellum Tidditanorum, is a Roman fortress town at 17 km north of Constantine erected on 42 ha. It was discovered by the French archaeologist André Berthier who had conducted excavations there since 1941. Most of the town still lay under ground.

The Posters Series


Evening workshops...
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