Sirius Astronmy Association Salon 2008
The 7th National Fair in Popular Astronomy ... 30 October-1Nov 2008, Constantine, Algeria... World Space Week 2008 ... International Year of Astronomy 2009 .... Popular Science in Action   

Public panel Astronomy Algeria

The Fair will witness the launching of the first Intl. Astronomy Year 2009 activity in Algeria
The Fair is also the main event in Algeria for the WSW2008 celebrations.

This Year's Astronomy Fair in Few Words

As every Autumn, Sirius is organizing its yearly National Fair in Popular Astronomy, which has become with time one of the most sought after rendez-vous of the year for amateur astronomers all over Algeria...       More

Le Salon d'Astronomie 2008 en Quelques Mots

Comme chaque année depuis 2002, Sirius organise une grande kermesse de l'astronomie à Constantine qui est un rendez-vous majeur de l'année pour les astronomes amateurs ... Suite

Results of the competition of the best amateur astronomer Special Prize for the winner Travel to China 22 July 2009


This year's theme:
"Exploring the Universe"

...And as a subtheme
"Planetary Systems by the Billions..."

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